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  • Importance of gems in clash of clans post winter update 2015 With over 100 million downloads, Clash of Clans is probably the best game of its genre available in the android or iOS market. Someone who will begin playing it is bound to get hooked due to its attractive gameplay and mind boggling strategies. But while playing it most players will face certain difficulties which can be overcome with the help of gems. Gems are available for in-game purchase but if you do not wish to use your hard earned money for a game then clash of clans hack gems is just the thing for you. It will help you receive unlimited free gems. Difficulty faced by players • There are two kinds of players- the ones who plays day in and out and the ones who love the game but doesn’t get the time to play it as much as they would like to. • Players who play it day in and out will be hindered by the fact that in higher town hall levels the upgrades take a huge amount of time. Any form of upgrade- be it a defensive upgrade or troop upgrade, it takes more than just days, it takes more than weeks even. So players who spend a lot of time raiding and filling up their storages with loots are slowed down in their progress by the ridiculously long upgrades. • Players who are unable to spend much time in raiding and collecting resources are hindered by the high cost of each upgrade in high town hall levels. So naturally they fall behind and their progress is dramatically slowed. So how will such players make up for it? • All the above difficulties can be overcome with the help of gems. These Gems can be used to fill resource storages or finish upgrades instantly. But gems are very hard to find and hence most people who are passionate about the game end up spending loads of money to purchase gems. Post winter update After the winter update of 2015, farming, a strategy used by most players to gain loots, have taken a big hit and loots are harder to come by now. This is because breaking town halls no longer grants shields and this has caused all the abandon bases to go down the search queue. Hence it takes a lot of search to find an abandon base. So the importance of gems has gone up great deal. Gems can be used to boost the collectors and mines to produce resources faster or it can be used to fill storages. Apart from resource boosting, gems can also be used to boost barracks and troops can be made faster. So if you have an hour off, you can boost your barracks and doo multiple attacks instead of having to wait for hours for your troops to be ready. Thus you can understand the importance of gems and now you have the privilege to own unlimited free gems. All you need to do is visit http://www.clashclanshackgems.comand you will own unlimited gems overnight. Find out more at
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