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  • LeAkEd sMITe PATch NotEs beiNg ReaD OmG Welcome to the official Smite patch notes for the Cabakon, Cabrakan, Cabrick. Whatever. He's aztec or something. Moving on. We have decided to nerf arachne to better balance the game. Firstly, we have removed her passive. We feel like it was helping her get kills and was unbalancing her gameplay. Second, her spiders no longer attack. They will now only follow her around and hiss when she is killed. Her second ability is now purely for looks, being renamed piggyback ride. Her third ability is also only cosmetic. Arachne's ultimate now remains attached to the enemy until death, and all damage the attached enemy recieves will be done to Arachne instead. If Arachne misses her ultimate, she will become stuck to the ground where she missed instead until she is killed. Allies can then kill her at this point to help her feed faster. Finally, we have given her Guan You's voice pack. We feel this is the final step in making sure no one plays this god. We have also buffed Hercules. This ends the patch notes.
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