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  • Tips on what you should not do on YouTube The most common concept about YouTube is that it is a platform through which people can share videos but for an entrepreneur the YouTube is not the same as that for a commoner. For someone who needs to use YouTube for the purpose of gaining clients for their business YouTube is basically the largest search engine after Google. You must have noticed how people search for various kinds of how to and what to videos on YouTube this means that if your video has the right kind of content it is most likely that your video is going to be ranked among the top few. When it comes to YouTube there is no way that the Videos can be ranked against the content. It is only the title or the description or the tags that you write get picked up by the search engine that can give the viewers the search results. Therefore it is of great importance that the keyword should be present in the title, the description and the tags. How to select the right keyword? The main problem that arises here is the selection of the right kind of keyword. If you just try to base your keyword on your instinct or what you think might be the keyword then most likely it is going to ditch you therefore it is recommended that you go in for some keyword generator. YouTube search engine optimization is not just something that can be taken for granted if you want your online business to be the top ranked on Google and YouTube. You have to be very careful in searching for the keywords and only those words must be selected that are recommended by the keyword generator. Such keywords must be present in the title of the video and also in the description. Make sure that you not only use the exact keyword but also the words similar to the keyword in meaning and other ways so that when the people are searching for a video with those keywords your video is presented to them by YouTube. YouTube search engine optimization is a great way to bring your business to the forth without having to do much. When it comes to search engines it is a very complex procedure by which your website or your video is ranked. In Google there are more than 200 factors that are considered to give rankings to the websites. YouTube is though a little less complex and this is good for the people who want to use YouTube search engine optimization as a means to increase their business. If your video is of high quality that is the content of the video match the title and description and is meaningful, there is no way people will not like it and it will this ranked among the top few. You must also avoid buying like and other such stuff because if you are found out your video can be omitted by YouTube forget about being at the top in search engine optimization. Find out more at
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