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Find a ghostwriter with ghostwriting services experience. 
Here are some things you should look for if youâre seeking to find 
professional ghostwriting services to help you write your book.

the biggest mistake is hiring nameless, faceless ghostwriting company 
to write your book instead of an individual. Donât settle for somebodyâs 
staff writer.

Walk away from a wannabe professional ghostwriter 
who tells you that because your idea for a book is so exceptional, 
youâll easily find a big publisher. Maybe you will, but sometimes people 
will make promises just to get you to sign a ghostwriting agreement. 

work with a top ghostwriter who is willing to keep making revisions on 
your book until youâre satisfied with it, without charging any 
additional fees. Itâs your book; you have to be happy with the end 

Get a firm fee up front, not an estimate, and make sure 
itâs in the ghostwriting contract that you pay for the book in stages. 
Never pay 50% up front. You shouldnât pay 50% for your book until 50% of 
the book has been written.

Make sure your agreement has a 
confidentiality clause. Nobody but you and the ghostwriter should know 
about his or her involvement in your book.

Never surrender any rights to the content of the book. The copyright must be in your name and your 

name only.

make sure your ghostwriting agreement has an out. Never sign a 
ghostwriting contract that doesnât allow you to cancel if for any reason 
youâre not happy.

Finally, talk to some references. There are a lot of good, honest, hardworking ghostwriters out 

there. I hope you find one!

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