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  • Up Late with Eric Xu Season 2 Episode 5
    Up Late with Eric Xu Season 2 Episode 5 Final episode! This'll be my last go-around in high school. It's been an honor talking about this fine fine activity with these lovely people, and I hope that everyone has enjoyed listening to these episodes as much as I've enjoyed making them. Thanks to Alston Boyd for editing and Will Overman for recording. Guest starring Will Overman, Alston Boyd, Kai Smith, Mohan Malhotra, and Shravan Balaji. Hosted by me, Eric Xu.
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  • Up Late with Eric Xu Season 2 Episode 4
    Up Late with Eric Xu Season 2 Episode 4 Seeing as we haven't had a regional review in a while, I decided to create a nice little group of people to talk about regions in this podcast! We were um, interrupted by kind of an unforeseen event though... Anyway, there's plenty of good analysis in this, and discussion about coaches and parents at the end, so do tune in! Recorded and edited by the inimitable Farah Kabir, featuring Kai Smith, Kevin Wang, Adam Fine, Evan Pandya, Farah Kabir, Mohan Malhotra, and Corin Wagen. And a SPEEEEEECIAL guest (who I did not know about ahead of time, I promise).
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  • Up Late with Eric Xu Season 2 Episode 3 - Girls in Quizbowl
    Up Late with Eric Xu Season 2 Episode 3 - Girls in Quizbowl This special winter break episode is brought to you by a unique problem: girls in Quizbowl! Too many discussions on the subject devolve into guys debating over what hypothetical "Quizbowl girls" feel, without ever asking girls who are genuinely involved in Quizbowl and want to be seen as more than a minority. To address that, I've pulled together some awesome Quizbowlers in the high school community who happen to be female to discuss their Quizbowl experiences and how gender has affected them, in the hopes of stimulating other conversations about the subject! Thanks to Farah Kabir for editing and giving me the inspiration to do this podcast! Hosted by Eric Xu (who is notably not female), guests Jennie Yang, Farah Kabir, Olivia Kiser, Clare Keenan, Erica Liu. Cover art by Jennie Yang ft. Vincent van Gogh.
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  • Up Late with Eric Xu Season 2 Episode 2
    Up Late with Eric Xu Season 2 Episode 2 This episode took 4 tries to record properly, due to miscellaneous issues, but it's finally done! I apologize for the lateness of it, but I hope that you all enjoy it anyway! Hosted by Eric Xu, guests Shravan Balaji, Alston Boyd, Kevin Wang, Will Overman, Gabe Guedes, Henry Hawthorn. Thanks to Alston for editing, and Will for stepping in last minute to record! Cover art by Henry Hawthorn.
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  • Up Late with Eric Xu Season 2 Episode 1
    Up Late with Eric Xu Season 2 Episode 1 To start off this most wonderful of Quizbowl seasons, here is a truncated podcast! Ben Zhang was kind enough to record, but unfortunately, the last 20 minutes-ish of audio was cut off, so this first episode serves as a truncated preview of the season. Still, we hope you all enjoy, and the next episode will be coming out in about a month or so! Hosted by Eric Xu, featuring guests Alston Boyd, Jennie Yang, Kevin Wang, Kai Smith, Shravan Balaji, Adithya Kennan, and Gabe Guedes. Comments are still always welcome! Cover art by Kai Smith.
    xkcdlover 00:48:51 1.77 K 3 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Dave Madden Interview
    Dave Madden Interview For the final project of the 2013-14 Quizbowl season, here's an exclusive interview with the founder of National History Bowl and Bee, among a slew of other ventures, Dave Madden!
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  • Podcast #5 10-1
    Podcast #5 10-1 FINAL PART OF EPISODE 5. This part runs a little longer than the others, but that's only because there's a lot more analysis of the teams, so listen in for that! Guests Nate Weiser, Sam Blizzard, Aseem Keyal, Pat Leblanc, Evan Pandya. Hosted by Eric Xu. Cover art by Rob Carson ft. The Chicago Tribune
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  • Podcast #5 20-11
    Podcast #5 20-11 After an initial snafu, Podcast #5 Episode 4 should be up now! Guests Alston Boyd, Pat Leblanc, Sam Blizzard, and Kai Smith. Recorded by Pat Leblanc, edited by Alston Boyd. Cover art by Andrew Wang ft. Professor Oak.
    xkcdlover 00:22:14 971 4 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Podcast #5 30-21
    Podcast #5 30-21 Part three of end-of-season Episode #5! Featuring Kai Smith, Sam Blizzard, Pat Leblanc, and Aseem Keyal. Hosted by Eric Xu. Special thanks to Arnav Sastry for being a great human being and volunteering to record on very very short notice! Cover art by Bernadette Spencer ft. Edgar Degas.
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  • Podcast #5 40-31
    Podcast #5 40-31 Part 2 of Episode 5, featuring teams ranked from 40th to 31st! Special thanks to Arnav Sastry for recording it on very short notice, as well as to Alston Boyd for editing. Guests for this portion are Pat Leblanc, Sam Blizzard, Aseem Keyal, and Kai Smith. Hosted by Eric Xu. Cover art by Bernadette Spencer ft. William Holman Hunt
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