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  • The Fifth Yo dawg. I heard you like remixes, so I put remixes of different songs into a mix. 1 whole hour of listening to only 10 songs. Yeap. This was a bitch to mix and if this is gonna suck I'm soo gonna rage and take this down and change Cause I havent actually listened to it yet Yeah PROFESSIONALISM! :D www.twitter.com/wrcynapmoc Genres in this mix(In chronological order): Progressive House Big Room House Electro House Electro Hardstyle Dubstep Progressive House Dubstep Drumstep Glitch Hop Trap Trap Drumstep Drumstep Brostep Brostep Glitch Hop Progressive House Big Room/Dubstep Electro House Electro House Glitch Hop Glitch Hop Trap Electro House Dubstep Dubstep Electro House Drumstep Electro House Electro House No artist in this mix is repeated twice. Except for Zedd. Augh bloody hell
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  • The Fourth ERMIGERD WEN AWUR HURRDURR I would rate this 2/5. Do not listen. twitter.com/wrcynapmoc
    wrcynapmoc 01:02:16 314 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • The Third 30 minutes now. Yay! -cricket chirps- I would rate this 3/5. Okay to listen. Why do I even do this. Nobody even listens to my work -Cries in a corner- twitter.com/wrcynapmoc
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  • The Second Ehhhh idk if this will work... I would rate this 3/5. It's okay to listen. twitter.com/wrcynapmoc
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  • The First This WILL suck. If this mix sounds horrible to you, you only have yourself to blame as I have already warned you. I would rate this 2/5. Do not listen. www.twitter.com/wrcynapmoc
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