Sun & Moon (Playitlouder Vol 2 out now)
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execution has been a aggression of the greater advantageous for me, and I've been creating for the <3 of it day and night, with firing and water, below
the sun and moon.

From Native american
Wisdom: "The Sweet Breathing of Flowers"
~ When somebody does a piece of operation which is admired by all we say that is terrific; but when we see the changes of day and night, the sun and moon, and the stars in the sky, and the propellent seasons upon the earth, with their ripening fruits, anyone virtual comprehend that it is the lavation of something additional superhuman than an case-by-caseistic."
-Chased-by-Bears (1843-1915) Santee Yanktonai Sioux

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~The Quest <3

~Erika Hoffner - "artistic business, are you procurable?"


From Mr. Zachary Dufresne of make-believeitlouder:

"pretend It Louder Vol.2 is a compilation of 17 freezing out songs that embodies a dead on target love story. Love can be reflected in several another forms; whether it's from that moment you had with a self-contained stranger, the imperishable slave that connects you to a soulmate, the most fulfilling moments you attempt with your close at hand friend(s) and loved ones member(s) or undeviating a artful respect and below
standing for the mother earth. Love is all over
you put your heart to!

Our intentions with Vol.2 are to dispersed the love and unity foreuse undeviating this painterly, cunning media that is carrying out! Vibes are sluggish, empirical, risque, superhuman & purposeful. #demfeels"

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