North Elements Feat. Melman - Coastline …[out now]

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Pop quiz hotshot: top five ways to get around? Easy. 1) Sailboat. 2) Motorcycle. 3) Personal aircraft of some kind. 4) Peruvian Llama. 5) Time travel. Cars have their charm to be sure, driving up the coastal highway in a convertible is one of life's great pleasures just ask Jay Leno. But what do you do when you need to hit the reset button? Sometimes, The Bearded Man embraces the melancholy inside his head, choosing to relish in it rather than run away from it. It's amazing how much better you can feel when you face your problems head on, listening to the music that pushes you deeper rather than trying to escape or ignore. For this, The Bearded Man says you'll need a sailboat and some damn fine tunes. No engines. No gasoline. No traffic. No people. No hiss in your head, no hiss in your heart. Just the waves gently pushing against the boat in near silence, with a calm breeze effortlessly filling your sails as you slide up and down the coastline. Just the sublime summer spray caressing your lengthy beard. There's nothing on earth that this method won't cure, and that's why it beat time travel on TBM's list of top five ways to get around.

The Bearded Man:

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