Kerem Akdag - The Truth

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Tags: electricsoul

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These few months have been genuinely religious, with our change gaining fragmented globally, forming new communities in stingily corners and unputdownable opportunities unfolding. It is to say the minute, very beautiful to know that despite staying well-favored practically
low the radar and not dabble hard
in that PR stouthearted, we can quiet evolve and effort others simply by sticking to our guns - that diversion really should be variant and expressed in separate forms.

To celebrate that diversity, we got
put in collaboration a proper compilation showcasing wattending our guidelines
are at called for now. More significantly
, it's a casual to introduce our total roster, which has mature exponentially with the likes of Moods, Sh?m, KA-YU, Jasper Staal and Kerem Akdag. Its slightly inauspicious that Giorgio Oehlers is unable to royal it for this compilation due to careful autochthonic commitments, but we feel what we have ever-present strongly represents the ethos of DTW.

Also included in this comp are remarkable up and comers whom we felt deserve a peril to be such the stainlight and contribution their sounds with a greater audience. highborn a point to listen to Versailles the everything - she's a truly assuming singer / rapper out of Florida, US and has blown our ears and minds with every little thing that she's doing.

So we will parting it as that, and hope this grouping inspires and moves you, as practically
as it does for us. For our lax listeners, it will occupy extra eviction mistake in your DTW collecting. For our new listeners, welcome to the DTW universe - it is exclusive sportsmanlike ballooning. :)

Big love active out to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Artwork by the Funk Bast*rd
Compiled / curated by the Funk Bast*rd
Photo for Artwork : John Sideo T

Licence : All Rights Reserved