Overview Woosun Electricity Machine Educational Equipment
WST – 10 Stepper Motor Trainer
• Stepper Motor Trainer (WST-10) contains oscillating circuit, control circuit and driving circuit block, etc.
• The LED display shows polarity of rotor and stator of stepper motor.
• Stepper motor trainer equips built-in 5 digital pulse counter and students can control by setting digital switch.
• Stepper motor trainer is able to control the speed up to 2,000 pps and record by using extra frequency counter.
• Stepper motor trainer enable students to perform computer control, simulation, monitoring and transmission of horizontal tools with screw.
WST – 12 AC Servo Motor Trainer
• AC Servo Motor Trainer enable students to do an experiment for position control, speed control and C.N.C application operation. It is the same as an equipment which is used in industry field.
• Since processed products of 3 types are installed in upper portion, AC servo motor trainer can be worked such as a real processing when this trainer is operated. Moving distance of the X-axis is over than 350mm and Y-axis is over than 10 mm.
• In Y-axis, drill and milling working can be processed by drill chuck which is able to process product using cylinder motor.
WSM- 1 Electric Machine Exp. Trainer
• Electric Machine Structure Exp.Trainer (WSM-1) is designed to do an experiment for DC machine, Induction machine and synchronous machine combining with 7 electric machines of 1/8Hp (or 1/2Hp).
• According to connection, Electric Machine Structure Exp.Trainer consists of DC machine which can be
• used as series, shunt and compound Motor & Generator, single induction motor which can be used as a
• capacitor motor and a split-phase motor, slip-ring motor which can be used as 3-phase induction motor, a synchronous machine and a wound induction motor, AC Commutator motor which can be used both as a DC and AC and dynamometer which can be used both as a brake.
• This equipment has a simple structure to assemble and disassemble machines and modules.
• This equipment contains built-in variable and fixed DC and AC Power, resistor, power switch, phase rotation tester, connecting board for electric machine, rotation speed meter, torque meter, brake controller for characteristic experiment of electric machines.
• Excite with DC by winding around a rotator of 3-phase induction motor. Students can get the breaking power by changing the excited current and use it as a load of a motor.
• A Coupling which is used for connecting a brake, motor and each electric machine can be used to detect the rotating speed compounding a speed detecting sensor.
• This equipment equips experimental modules so that the sequence control experiment of a Motor is available.
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