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John started life as a baby, which was very convenient and more comfortable for his mother.
He drifted through education via Selden infant and junior school in which he strived (or should that be strove?) to become a dismal 11+ failure. Having succeeded in failing to impress the education system, John blundered through the last part of his education at West Tarring Secondary Modern School For Boys and those really not quite sure. At this secondary school, John learned to drift off and gaze at the seagulls on the games field to be finally roused from his reverie with a blackboard eraser flying past his ear! John left secondary school in 1977 with bugger all, apart from a single O level and few fluky CSE passes.
John's first attempt to make money of sorts was as a screen printer in a company called Solport Brothers in Goring, West Sussex. John is still involved in the screen printing trade (unadventurous cretin!) in a very successful labels and marking company called Fine Cut Graphic Imaging Ltd.
All the while this nonsense has been going on in the last 30 odd years; John has been making a bit of a racket on guitars and keyboards and coarse fishing (not at the same time, as the mixture of water and electricity is not recommended and fish don't like noise!)
John has also written lyrics for his songs, and some of these songs can be heard on his Myspace page named CARPHEAD. John started writing a short horror story in his Myspace blog called 'The Leviathan of Black Lake'. This story proved to be fairly popular and achieved a fair bit of attention; one day John received an email from reader and Myspace chum named John Ellis (excellent song writer and guitarist for The Vibrators, Peter Gabriel, Peter Hammill to name just a small number of bands and artistes he has collaborated and contributed to); at the end of the email John Ellis wrote 'Keep the writing going!'
Inspired by this email, John started writing some short stories that he later developed into a novel called 'The Vernham Chronicles'

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