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Tribute To Isaipuyal A.r.rahman | By Ven…kat

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TV and online release video cover:

PFB the video link of youtube:

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brG3a4Yoyqs

"Tribute to Isaipuyal A.R.Rahman" ft. Venkat Singer (www.voiceofvenkat.com) & Tajmeel Sherif Sherif :)

Thanks a lot Kreative Kkonnect for the support, w.r.t online release ! :)

Thanks a lot Sun music for airing our effort on television, that too on Independence day! :)

Thank u so much Deepika Gandhi for your excellent co-ordination and support!

Thanks a lot band members and video cover team :)

As suggested by Giri ji, I am describing the process it took for me to make this video:

This medley was purely an accident dear friends :) we started the first song of this audio just like that and slowly casually song by song we did these 4 songs which was again random picks :D I am right now in abudhabi and my programmer friend is in chennai. So I had to send my voice file only with very good quality else we cannot use to for professional releases like TV or Online channels. So somehow with my setup sent a decent quality voice file and audio was ready!

after a couple of days, (I am still in abudhabi) morning we were discussing on watsapp wat to do next, that day we decided to have shoot next day :P I took a flight the same night to chennai which was very expensive just to do something passionate to me :( my friend had arranged everything in that half a day time (Studio, lightsmen, cinematographer, director etc. This was a very very new experience for me

Spent even more money for these people, and finally shoot was done. in 2 days I flew back to work to abudhabi. Then video edit was done but t was pathetic :( So found another editor who charged over 10 k but still left in completed. Then I had create start and end credits with audio behind it and send which he just placed! somehow video was also ready!

Then we approached sun music:) they liked our video since t was not a karaoke they considered it :) if karaoke t will be straight away rejected! And finally got approval sterday that today on Independence day a high priority slot was given t our video :) All efforts on money and time came out fruitful and getting some amazing reviews on kreative kkonnect fb page who agreed to release t online as they have 2 lac subscribers approx :) already over 1200 views :)

This is the FB link for kk page :) https://www.facebook.com/KreativeKKonnect/videos/747276675380882/

If u r on FB pls visit and share ur kind feedbacks.

Above all would love to have all ur feedback on my website, in the testimonial page :) www.voiceofvenkat.com

Thanks a lot friends :) Thanks a lot giri ji :)

All, pls share this video as much as you can! thank you

Lyric translation : (As requested by Naqvi ji)

Kalaiyil dhinamum song (Song in which he compares wife to mom:)

kaalaiyil dhinamum kaN vizhithaal naan kai thozhum dhevadhai amma
Every morning when I wake up, the angel I worship is my mom
anbendraalae amma, en thaay poal aagiduma (2)
Love means mom, can anyone be like my mom!

imai poal iravum pagalum ennai kaatha annaiyae
Like a mom day and night you took care of me
unadhanbu paartha pinbu adhai vida vaanam bhoomi yaavum siRiyadhu
After seeing your love and affection, the sky, earth all looks so small!!

(kaalaiyil dhinamum....)

niRai maadha nilavae vaa vaa nadai poadu medhuva medhuva
My pregnant moon come to me , walk slowly
azhagae un paadu aRivaenamma masakkaigaL mayakkam koNdu
darling I know your pain, the dizziness you get
madi saayum vaazhai thaNdu ,sumaiyalla baaram sugham dhaanamma
Lie on my lap, you are not a pain, it is my pleasure
thaayaana pinbu dhaan nee peNmani ,thoaL meedhu thoongadi kaNmani kaNmani
After you become a mom, you become a woman! lie on my shoulder my darling :)

Kadhalenum song:

Kaadhalenum Thaervezhudhi Kaaththirundha Maanavan Naan (2)
I wrote an exam called love and waiting for the result like a student (2)
Un Ennam Enum Aettil En Ennaip Paarththa Poadhu
When I saw myself in your heart/thoughts,
Naanae Ennai Namba Villai Endhan Kannai Nambavillai
I could not believe myself, I could not believe my eyes
Kaadhalenum Thaervezhudhi Kaaththirundha Maanavan Naan (2)
I wrote an exam called love and waiting for the result like a student (2)

Katre en vaasal song:

Kaarkaalam azhaikum Bothu Olinthukolla Nee Vendum
When the dark clouds gather I need you to hide myself
Thaavani Kudai Pidipaayaa
Will you hold me an umbrella with your clothes!
Anbe Naan Uranga Vendum Azhagaana Idam Vendum
Darling I need to sleep , Need a beautiful place
Kangalil Idam Kødupaayaa
Will you give me place in your eyes

Thulli Varum Kaatre Thulli Varum Kaatre Thaaimozhi Pesu
Like a jumping breeze,Like a jumping breeze speak your mother tongue
Nilavulla Varaiyil Nilamulla Varaiyil Nenjinil Veesu
Till moon exists, till earth exists, flow in my heart!

Santhana Thendral:

Ènna Šølla Pøgierøy Ènna Šølla Pøgierøy
What are you gonna say?What are you gonna say?

Vidiyal Vantha Pinnaalum Vidiyaatha Iravu Èthu
Even after dawn, which is the night that remains dark!
Pøøvaasam Veesum Unthan Køønthaladi
Pleasant flowery scent flows from your long hair!
Ivvulagam Irunda Pinnum Irulaatha Baagam Èthu
Even after this world darkens, which part of the world that does not become dark?
Kathir Vanthu Paayum Unthan Kangaladi
There comes the light from your eyes!
Pala Ulaga Azhagigal Køødi Un Paatham Kazhuvalaam Vaadi
Many world beauties gather, and wash ur feet
Èn Thalir Malarae Innum Thayakkamenna
My beautiful flower, why still the dilemma
Ènnaip Puriyaathaa Ithu Vaazhvaa Šaavaa
Dont you understand me, Is this life or death??

Ènna Šølla Pøgierøy Ènna Šølla Pøgierøy
What are you gonna say?What are you gonna say?

Ènna Šølla Pøgierøy Ènna Šølla Pøgierøy
What are you gonna say?What are you gonna say?

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