Thalli Pogathey | Cover By Venkat
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A super hit single song from ARRahman for an unreleased film Achcham Enbadhu Madamaiyada which is trending on youtube. Here is a completely different cover version of the same song with lots and lots of harmonies and rap plus main song sung by me :) pls dn miss the video friends, directed, video edit and singing by me :)

Loving this brilliant output with the help of Amazing “Reshwin”, through his out of the world music arrangements & Mix!! Terrific job bro!

Thank u so much dear bro, Saravana Kumar for helping me shoot the concept!

Thank u so much @ranjith baboo bro for so many ideas to do a conceptual video for this song mood and lyrics!! Enjoyed doing the video edit for those shots!

Friends, Here it is for all of u :) pls don miss this awesome combined effort from all of us!! Especially first 1 min and last 2 mins , you will love it for sure :) Pls do care to share! thanks

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Lyric Translation:

Tamil lyrics:
Exact translation of tamil words
Yaeno vaanilai maarudhey
mani thuli pogudhey
marbin vegam koodudhey
manamo yedho solla
vaarthai thaedudhey.

naan kobam kondaen
imai moodidu endren

nagarum nodigal
kasaiadi polae
mudhugin melae
vizhuvadhin naale
vari vari kavidhai

ezhudhum varigal
ezhudhaa mozhigal

enadhu kadal pola
perithaaga nee nindraai
siruvan naan siru
alai mattum thaan.

eriyum theeyil ennai
nee oottru
naan vandhu neeraadum

oh oorellaam
kanmoodi thoongum
osaigal illaadha irave

naan mattum
yaengi unpola

kalaabam polaadum,
kanavil vazhkindreney

kai neetti
unnai theendavey
Yaen adhil thottren ?

yaen mudhal muththam
thara thaamadham
aagudhu ?
thamarai vegudhu ?

thalli pogadhe
thalli poga sollaadhae
iruvar idhalum
malar enum
muldhaaney (2)
thalli pogadhe

dhegam thadai illai
ena naanum
oru vaarthai solkindren

aanaal adhu poithaan
ena neeyum
arivaai engindren
aruginil vaa

kanaviley therindhaai
vizhiththadhum olindhaai
kanavil dhinam dhinam
mazhai thuliyaai pozhindhaai

kangalil yaekkam
kadhalil mayakkam
aanaal paartha nimidam
oruvidhamaana thayakkam

nodi nodiyaai
neram kuraya
en kadhal
aayul karaya

yeno yeno
marbil vegam kooda
vidhiyin sadhi

enai vittu piriyadhe
anbae (2)

yeno yeno
yeno yeno
yeno yeno

English Meaning

weather is changing,
time is reducing,
speed of chest is increasing,
mind is in search for
a word to speak out.

full of your
in my eyes.
I got angry
asked it to sleep.

time is moving,
and I feel
scourge beats
over my back,
with line of poem.

written lines
unwritten languages

you’re standing
like my long sea
I’m a small boy
I’m just the waves
I’m seeing you
I’m seeing you

pour me
on a burning fire.
I’ll take bathe,
like a fountain

It is a night time,
people everywhere
sleeping with no noise

It is me,
longing for you
without any sleep,
like you

hey moon,

I’m waking up in the dream

I tried to
touch you
with my hands
why did I lost ?

why it is taking
time to give
the first kiss ?

don’t step away
do not ask me
to step away.
our lips are
like thorn
in a flower.
don’t step away

body is not
an obstacle,
I’am telling you.

but it isn’t true
I know
what you think.
come near me

you came in my dream
but not there when I woke up
you rained daily
in my dreams

longing eyes
allure of love
but hesitant
on seeing you.

time is reducing
second by second
my loves life
is dissolving

but why
heartbeat speeds up.
fate's plot
is playing

don’t go away

but why
but why
but why

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