Sandikuthira | Kaaviyathalaivan | ARR | Venkat (Male Cover)
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Dn miss this friends! One of the amazing songs, from kaaviyathalaivan sung by me!

"Sandikuthira" sung originally by Haricharan!He nailed it!Excellent music for the entire album by ARR!

In my versions, main voice as well as the chorus portions are sung by me!

Don't miss the last 30 seconds friends!!Definitely will be one of my best and my favorite :)

Thanks a lot in advance.

Next upload also will be a superb duet from the same film !

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended! No commercial intent as well! All rights are reserved by the owner!

This movie is about life of drama artist before independence. In this song heroine trolls the hero who acts in drama.He in-turn trolls the heroine using one of his drama programs on stage using old style tamil lyrics that mocks someone. I have tried my best to translate it to get an idea about the song :D he compares her to little animals!

Hey Sandi Kuthira Vaayendi Edhira
Hey uncontrollable horse, why dont u come before
Mathura Kuthura Ethire Vantha
Madurai horse came before

Mogana Mogana Naanum Un Maamana
Mohana is a fun nick name, am i your would be?
Maaravaa Bheemana Vaayen Kitta Kitta
Shall i transform into a bheema, come close close
Vaaya Thatchu Vitta
u stitched my mouth

A Aa E
Tamil alphabets
Azhaakkukku Naakku
U Uu Ye
Tamil alphabets
Un Munney
Before you
Muraikaadhey Nee Paarthu
Do not stare at me

Yaanakutti Poonakutti
Kutty means small or calf ! Elephant calf, kitten
Aattukutti Aanthakutti
Goat calf, little owl
Maankutti Unna Naanum
deer cal, i ll do u
Mallu Katti Thooka Poren
Will kidnap you forcefully
Kannukutti Ponnukutti
calf (Cow), little girl made of girl
Vaaya Katti Veikka Poren
Will tie your mouth

Muyale Muyale Muzhikkum Muyale
Rabbit rabbit awakened rabbit
Ethire Irukku Azhagu Muthala
in front of u a beautiful crocodile

A Aa E
Azhaakkukku Naakku
U Uu Ye
Un Munne
Muraikaathe Nee Paarthu

same as above

Mogana Mogana Naanum Un Maamana
Maaravaa Bheemana

same as above

Naanamey Mounamaa Kaaviyam Pesuma
shy girl are u silet, will history speak
Premaiye Kovama
my love are you agry
Pechu Kaatchu Moochu
too much of talk
Mookarunthu Potchu
gave u a nose cut

Mandraley Thendraley Kovamaa neenjile
Breeeze, angry?in ur heart
Suthuthey Thingale
rotating, world
Nadakathin Ulle
inside the drama
Naanga Vatchom Mulle
we have kept the thorn

Kuyile Kuyile Kuraikkum Kuyile
you are nightingale that barks
Vella Kaaran Vitta Rayile
you are train launched by a foreigner

Thathakka Pithakkaa
Othikka Aa Pokkaa
Athikka Aana Kirukka
Ettikka Aa Mookaa

these are rumming troll words

Ye Sandi Kuthira Vaayendi Ethira
Mathura Kuthura Ethire Vanthaa
Mogana Mogana Naanum Un Maamana
Maaravaa Bheemana

same as above

Adiye Kuthira Vedi
Anjaranaa Seenavedi
Vanna Vanna Vaana Vedi
Kottu Vedi Pottu Vedi
Athanai Vedigalume
Anjura Minjura Vedi
Unnudaya Pechu Vedi
vedi means cracker..he trolls talkative nature of heroine to crackers
Ullapadi Ullathadi
as it is, it is

Ann Annan Ney Ney
elder bro
Anil Anney Kadhai Enney
squirrel bro,wats the story
Purinjuthuney Muyalanney
undstud my rbbit bro
Therinjuthu Anney
knew it bro
Pen Maaney Thene
female deerm honey
Thirunthuna Pothum Ney
if she changes it is enough

Aanakutti Poonakutti
elephant calf, kitten
Aatukutti Kannukutti
goat calf, calf
Anilkutti Aandhakutti
squirrel kid, owl kid
Narikutti Pulikutti
little calf, tiger cub
Karadikutti Kuthirakutti
bear cub, horse calf
Kuyilukutti Mayilukutti
little nightingale, peacock little
Kozhikutti Elikutti
chicken, little rat
Maankutti Mannukutti
deer calf, mudkid
Inthakutti Enthakutti
this kid is which kid
Vaayaadum Kathukutti
talkative little girl
Kathukutti Jameenu Pattukutti
u r a kid from a minor family, silk kid
Chuttikutti Ennoda Chellakutti Chellakutti
my sweet heart
Vellakatti Vellakatti Mutham Kudri
white kid (2) gimme a kiss

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