Pookale - Tu Chale - Poolane | AI | ARR | Venkat(Male Cover)
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Pookale Oivedungal + Tu Chale + Poolane Kunukeyamanta!
1 song sung by me, in 3 languages --> Hindi + Tamil + Telugu

Listen to the full song plus lyrics as well friends. I have mixed the lyrics of all 3 languages smooth enough, to make the song as beautiful I could. I have made this
duet as a full and full male cover. Have done lots of hardwork for the past couple of days, in getting this cover done. Pls share your feedback. I have placed some overlapping vocals after first stanza, before my humming with shreya and during song's last 10 secs . Have also added the reqd emotions and modulations wherever required, in my style. Enjoy your listen friends :)

Tamil: 0.11 to 1.18, 2.02 to 2.12, 2.19 to 2.21, 3.43 to 3.53, 4.05 to 4.26, 4.49 to 5.00
Hindi: 1.19 to 2.01, 2.13 to 2.18, 2.22 to 2.24, 3.31 to 3.42, 3.54 to 4.04, 4.27 to 4.37
Telugu: 2.25 to 2.57, 4.38 to 4.48

Thanks for the amazing audio mix Thinkal ji . Tooo good it is :)

Shivani, Thank u so much for the support throughout the mixing and video editing phase :D very good video sync as well from you!

Friends here is the youtube version :)


Movie: AI
Composer ARRahman
Cover-Singer: Venkat
Original Singers: Haricharan(Tamil&Telugu), Arijit Singh(Hindi), Shreya Goshal(All)
Audio Mixing: Thinkal Govind Kumar
Video mixing: Shivani Zenith

Lyric Translation:


Pookale Satru Oivedungal
Flowers, rest for a while

Aval Vanthu Vittaal(2)
She has come :D

Pookale Satru Oivedungal
Flowers, rest for a while

Aval Vanthu Vittaal(2)
She has come :D

Hey I (?) Endraal Athu Azhagu Endraal
If I means beauty

Antha I (?)'galin I Aval Thaana
Is that I her!

Hey I (?) Endraal Athu Kadavul Endraal
If I means god

Antha Kadavulin Thugalaval Thaana
Is she the pieces of god!

Haiyo Ena Thigaikum Ai Ena Viyakum
Shocked or Surprised saying I

I (?)'galukellam Vidumuraiyai Aval Thanduvitaal
She gave leave to all those I's

Aval Vanthu Vitaal
She has come :D

Pookale Satru Oivedungal
Flowers, rest for a while

Aval Vanthu Vittaal(2)
She has come

dina thakudu thaane na (3)
dey re na na (ahh)
dina thakudu thaane na
dey reeeee na tha ayy
Tu na jaane
na.. na jaane
na.. na na re

Stanza 1:
Jaana tera khayal, jaana tera kya haal
Dear thinking of you,how are you?

Tere jiya ki taal surmayi
your soul’s music is very melodious

Aankhon mein hai shabaab
Beauty lies in your eyes

Jaise khile gulaab
Like how a rose blossom

Dekhe aise hi khwab hum kayi
we dreamt like this somewhere

Ivan Bayathai Anaika
To cover his fear

Aval Ivanai Anaika
She hugged him

Aval Seigaiyil Peivathu I (?)
What flows in her action is I

Aval Vizhiyin Kanivil Intha
The care in her eyes

Ulagam Paniyum Siru Noiyala vAiyamillai
the world bow?

Meri duniya mein tune hai rang bhara
you made my life colorful

Mere saath ye duniya dekh zaraa
Watch the world with me

Aval Ithazhgalai Nugarnthuvida
To smell her lips

Paathai Neduga ,
let the path extend

Mere hum-kadam..
My every step/my life partner

Poolane kunukeyamanta
Tanuvachchenanta Tanuvachchenanta
hey Ai antey mari neynanu ardham
telusoy ninna monnaa
are ai antey ika taananu shabdamu
eda chebuntuntey vinnaa
Ayyo naakedurai airaavatamey
neylaku pampina telikaluvai
tanu vichchenanta tanu vachchenanta
(Same meaning as in first stanza "Pookale")

Stanza 2:
Door khile rang kaun sa rang tera hai batlana
colors are blossoming somewhere very far, tell your color

Lo haath se chhoota dil
I lost my heart

rang tere maine ranghai jaana
to become one with you/ dissolve in you

En Ulle Ennai Kandaval Yaarendru
The one who saw within me, who I was

Enai Kaana cheithaal
Made me see, who I was

Kelaamal Nenjai Koithaval
She cut my heart without listening to me

Sirpam Seithu Kaiyil Thanthaal
Made a statue out of it and gave t back to me!

Dheemi dheemi baatein sehajsugam mausam
slow talk, beautiful climate

Piya mere aise mausam ab aayenge hardum
this kind of climate will come again and again

Maru Uyir Thanthaal
She gave me another life

Nimirnthida Seithaal
Made me look proud

Nagarthidum Paathai Engum Vaasam Veesa Vanthaale
She came into my life, to give that fragrance throughout the path I walk

Pookale Satru Oivedungal
Aval Vanthu Vittaal
Aval Vanthu Vittaal

Hai aisa lage gul ghalti se ban gaye
Looks like roses are sprouting/blossoming by mistake

Rab ne tha tujhe banana
God was busy creating you

Hai aisa lage wahaan roz khilein gul
Looks like there roses are flowering daily

Jahaan tera aana jaana
Where you often come & go


Ayyo naakedurai airaavatamey
neylaku pampina telikaluvai
tanu vichchenanta tanu vachchenanta

Pookale Satru Oivedungal
Aval Vanthu Vittaal(2)

(Same meaning as first stanza)
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