Mudhar Kanave | Majnu | Disha(10 yrs) & Venkat
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Probably I might not sing a better duet than this one again!!!! With 10 yr old Disha! 1st song to be uploaded on post launch !! Quality entertainment guaranteed! DN MISS FRIENDS!! Pls use Earfones!

"Mudhar Kanave" from Majnu! Amazing romantic melody with beautiful classical touch and lyrics! Worked on perfecting all aspects (Feel, modulations, mix etc)! Dn miss it friends!!

Beautifully sung by Disha with all her parent's support ! Grt job ! I was hugely inspired by Disha's presence & have given my best for my lines!

I have also sung all the multi layer chorus sections (6-7 voice portions)

Dn miss the youtube slide show friends :)

Thanks a lot Adithya for the quality mix :)

Lyric Translation:

Mudhar kanave mudhar kanave marubadi yen vandhai nee marubadi yen vandhai
First Dream, First Dream, why did u come again? Why did u come again?
vizhi thirandhadhum marubadi kanavugal varuma varuma
Once I open my eyes, will the dreams again?
vizhi thirakkaiyil kanavennai thurathudhu nijama nijama
Once I open my eyes, those dreams are chasing me! Is it true?

Mudhar kanavu mudhar kanavu moochulla varaiyil varum allava
First Dream, First Dream, will come throughout our lives right?
kanavugal theerndhu ponal vazhvillai allava
If dreams get over. no more life right?
kanavallavey kanavallavey kanmani naanum nijamallava
Not a dream, not a dream, darling I am the truth
Sathiyathil mulaitha kadhal saghadhu allava
Love blossomed out of promise never dies right?

Engey engey neeyenge endru kaadu medu thedi odi iru vizhi iru vizhi tholaithu vitten
Where you are?Where you are? Searched for you in all places? I have lost both my eyes !
ingey ingey nee varuvai yendru chinna kangal sindhugindra thuligalil thuligalil uyir valarthen
Here, Here I am! Waiting for you, suriving with just the tears coming out of the tiny eyes!
Tholaindha en kangalai paarthadhum koduthu vittai
You have given back my eyes, I have lost!
kangalai koduthu idhayathai yeduthu vittai
But once you gave my eyes, you have taken my heart!
Idhayathai parithadharka yen jeevan yedukkiraiii
Just because I took your heart, you are taking my soul!

O O O!!!!!
Oodal vendam odalgal vendam osaiyodu nadham pola uyiriley uyiriley kalandhuvidu
No intimacy, No running, Like an instrument and sound, just blend in my life!
Kanneer vendam kayangal vendam aaru madha pillai pola madiyiley madiyiley urangividu
No Tears, No hurt, Just like a 6 month old kid, sleep on my lap!
nila varum neram natchathiram thevaillai, nee vandha neram nenjil oru oodal illai
When the moon comes, there is no need for stars!! The time you came, there is no intimacy in my heart
vanna pookal verkum munne varachollu thendralai, varachollu thendralai
Before the colorful flowers sweat, just call the breeze, call the breeze

Thamaraiye thamaraiye neeril oliyadhey, nee neeril oliyadhey
You are like a lotus, don't hide under the water, you dont hide under the water
dhinam dhinam oru sooriyan pola varuven varuven
I will come every day like the sun
anudhinam unnai aayiram kaiyal thoduven thoduven
Everyday I will touch you with a thousand hands!

sooriyaney sooriyaney thamarai mugavari thevaillai
Oh sun, sun, you do not need the address of the lotus!
vinnil neeyum irundhu kondey viral neeti thirakkirai
Just being in the sky, by just pointing a finger, you make me blossom!
marangothiye marangothiye manadhai kothi thulaiyiduvai
Like a wood pecker, you enter my heart making a hole!
ullathukkul vilakadithu thoongum kaadhal yezhupuvai
Show some light in my heart and wake the sleeping love!
thoongum kaadhal yezhupuvaiii...
Wake the sleeping love!
neeye thoongum kaadhal yezhupuvai
You wake the sleeping love!!
thoongum kaadhal yezhupuvai

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