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Girlfriend Medley Ft. Venkat | Professio…nal music video

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Pls dn miss the video friends :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWlGP4DtykA&index=1&list=PLvCYzre1zr5BS5VaJl-tEQxrzjqSMVj0M

Girlfriend Medley Karthik Ft. Venkat ! Please watch , share and support our effort friends.

Mix of beautiful songs of playback singer Karthik, composed by Harris and ARR !


Team Credits:
Singer: Venkat
Programmed & Arranged By: Tajmeel Sheriff
Producers: Venkat & Deepika Badrinarayana
Director: Siva
Cinematography: Balaji
Additional Cinematography: Magesh Thirunavukarasu
Aesthetics: Vignash Dheenadayalan
Editor: K.J.Venkat Ramanan
Assitant Editors: Malarvannan & PK
Light Officers: Senthil

Mix of beautiful songs of Karthik, composed by Harris and ARR !

Original Credits:
Singers: Karthik & Krish
Composers: A.R.Rahman & Harris Jeyaraj

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Lyric Translation:

Start section is a chorus of a song Unakkul naane from the film pachaikili muthucharam:

Minnum Pani Chaaral Un Nenjil Saanthaale
Kannil Unnai Vaithu pen Thaithu Kondaale
Vennila Thoovi Than Kaathal Sonaale
Malligai Vaasam Un Pechil Kandaale
Pon Maan ivala Un Vaanavilla (2)

Shining snow showers, joined your heart
She kept you in her eyes and fixed it within
Showering moon, expressed her love
Scent of jasmine, she found in your words
Is she a golden deer? Is she your rainbow? (2)

Karu Karu song(film: film pachaikili muthucharam):

karu karu vizhigalaal oru kan mai ennai kadathudhae
thadhumbida thadhumbida siru amudham ennai kudikkudhae
iravinil urangaiyil en thookkam ennai ezhuppudhae
ezhundhida ninaikkiyil oru minnal vandhu saaikka
nee..oru malli charamae
nee..ilai sindhum maramae
en..pudhu velli kudamae
unnai thaedum kangal

With dark eyes an eye shadow kidnaps me
Overflowing little tasty drink, drinks me
When I sleep at night my sleep awakens me
When i try to wake up a lightning strikes
You..Are you a bunch of jasmine flowers
My..New Silver Pot
My eyes are searching for you

yaei..nee thanga chilaiyaa
Hey..are you a golden statue?
ven..nurai pongum malaya
White…Are you a Foam overflowing mountain?
man..madhan pinup valaiyaa
Sand/Earth..Does it weave net
unnai thaedum kangal
My eyes are searching for you

pudhu pudhu varigalaal en kavidhai thaalum niraiyudhae
With new new lines my poem fills the paper
kanavugal kanavugal vandhu kangal thaandi vazhiyudhae
Dreams dreams come and overflows over the eyes
marandhida marandhida en manamum konjam muyaludhae
To forget to forget my heart tries its best
marupadi marupadi un mugamae ennai soozha
But again and again ur face covers me

thaamarai ilai neer nee dhaanaa
Are you the water around lotuses
thani oru andril nee dhaanaa
puyal tharum thendral nee dhaanaa
Are you a breeze that comes out of storm
pudhaiyal nee dhaanaa
Are you a treasure

Mazhai Vare Pogudhe song (film yennai arinthaal):

Only first stanza I have sung as a part of this medley here is the lyric translation as I could not copy from this link :)


Girlfriend (Film Boys):
Friends`oda Kavidhaigal Vaangi
Ennoada Kavidhai`nu Solli
Idhayathil Idamondru Pidikkathaan
Oadaadha Cinema`kku Oadi
Sariyaana Corner Seat Thaedi
Buble Gum`ai Idhazh Maatri Kollathaan
Cell Phone Bill Yaera
Joke-aal Dhinam Kadikka sms Anuppa
Thaevai Girlfriend Dhaan

Borrowing friends poems

Bluffing it is mine, just to catch a place in ur heart

Going to a flop movie, finding a corner seat

is to exchange the bubble gums

Cell phone bill rises, share jokes everyday, share sms

need a girlfriend

Kaalaara Nadai Poada
enakkoru Girlfriend Vaenum
Kaalam Theriyaamal Kadalai Naan Poada
enakkoru Girlfriend Vaenum
Nilavin Nagalaai Araikkul Mazhaiyaay
elumichai Manamaai Irukkanumae̷!
Innoru Nizhalaay Iraval Uyiraay
Irubadhu Virally Irukkanumae

To have a walk daily, need a gf

To speak without knowing that time passes, need a gf

Like a copy of the moon, like a rain in the room,

like the smell of a lemon t should be

Like another shadow, Like a borrowed life

Like 20 fingers it should be!

Licence : All Rights Reserved