UK Rehab is a charity and information service with a network of rehab centres that provide addiction sufferers with the treatment options they need to get their lives back on track. What you can expect from UK Rehab A patient-centred approach Advice is given based on treatment needs, with careful consideration of the financial implications. UK Rehab do not share patient information without prior permission, neither do they charge for the advice they provide The rehabilitation experts cover every angle to ensure that recovery does not stop with treatment but lasts a lifetime The aim of the UK Rehab specialists is to facilitate a life free from addicition The UK Rehab approach The first step for alcohol and drug addiction patients is to facilitate detoxification, under the watchful eye of the rehab experts. This is because some patients suffer very serious withdrawal symptoms during detox and so the rehab experts are on hand to help them manage it. After detox, the rehab experts try to get to understand why and how the addiction began and developed, and address the thought processes and behaviours at their roots. The main reason why addiction patients relapse is because their addictions are not treated from the root: counselling should not be only about having the right mindset, but also knowing what the mind constitutes in the first place. With this approach, the risks of psychological withdrawal and addiction cycles are greatly reduced, because the client has increased self-understanding, as well as the psychological and behavioural tools to live a healthy life. The rehab centres in the network With patient wellbeing, Rehab UK leave nothing to chance; they only endorse scientifically backed strategies; methods that have been proven to work. The Rehab UK network of rehab centres have highly-trained therapists, medical specialists, and professional counsellors who use proven clinical and psychotherapeutic approaches to help patients defeat their addiction for good. Our network extends far beyond the UK, with private and luxury rehab centres located all over the world, with a centre for every budget. Rehab UK also network with the NHS, but will only refer a client to their rehab programmes after making sure the patient’s treatment needs will be met in a timely fashion. Considering the nature of the addiction and waiting periods, Rehab UK only refers patients to NHS programmes where it is a practical solution.

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