Heart Strings - The Unbreakable Thread
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My climb on top of the mountain was extremely difficult. There were no paths to follow, no guides to keep me on the right track, and absolutely had no to little connectivity. By the time i reached the top, I realized how much I needed that moment. That climb to a unique place that allowed me to set myself apart from the strong wave of the everyday world and really reflect on what I have been through… Most importantly, look at where I really I am by now.

On my reflection and experience of this climb, I realized this: the mountain changed me. The same way every single thing that occurred in the past months changed me. It all changed me, not just in physical ways. I closed my eyes and felt the tears… Took the deepest breath I could and this thought came to me: If we choose to allow it, climbing a mountain will shift our hearts and minds. The difficult trek up, joy at reaching the summit, and descent to the world we briefly left behind.

The mountain’s extremely difficult terrain tested my physical limits and frustrated my mental discipline. Certain sections were more difficult than others, forcing me to take plenty of breaks. Certain sections were strikingly beautiful, distracting me away from the difficulty and soak in the views. Only later did I see how this ascent experience reflects my life journey. It’s not easy. Some days are easier, some days test my discipline. Some moments are arduous and seemingly dry; other days are simply beautiful. Regardless of the day, each step I take, each ascent of the mountain, draws me closer to a more fruitful and memorable life.

Ultimately, when I reached the peak, it made the climb worth it. The summit brought out a new perspective. It allowed me to see more fully why I endured scrapes and bruises of the trek. This was a clear sign and result of hard work. The summit was certainly a gift. It is at the summit that we take it all in and open ourselves to the beauty of what surrounds us.

I didn't know how else to release the unexplained feeling that I've never once felt in my entire life. I screamed on top of my lungs like a lion on steroids…. But it wasn't enough. Got tired of doing it. And besides, who on earth screams non-stop anyway? So on my hours (or must I say nearly days) of stay on top of the mountain, I decided to pour the rest of the unexplained feelings I have been holding on to through my music apps. With hours of no connection, no one to talk to, here's what I came up with. A 2 hour long track of my story and feelings. It's only after listening to the whole thing that I realized what most of the real feelings I have been holding on for a long time really are, plus the recent happenings.

For the hopes and dreams. For all the love and care. For the cherished memories that will forever stay with me. For the doors that temporarily closed but not locked. And for the lessons learned that will serve as a guide moving forward. I share with you my Heart Strings - The Unbreakable Thread. - Tricia Leyba

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