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3 words from Deborah:
Donkey carrot existentialism

Impro 3 words Tribuana

Om swastyastu
Opening the way to culture the words
Asking permission to God and Goddess of words
So, for their power opens and grants us its own natural hints
Be no curse, please, fall on our behaviour, aware that our ignorant is an invisible veils comforting

Masking and de-masking
Words are its mirror in mind to remind
The art of fractalizing 3 words by its own natural power
Dharma revealing duties to honour and naturally to cultivate one’s nature

Hallo “donkey, carrot and existentialism”

From donkey to carrot there are spread many verbs as link
It is donkey’s nature to be happy with carrot
But when donkey speaks in mind and finds “existentialism” is a type of carrot to chew
What a don key …..

Donkey capacity
Carry whatever falls on its back
Iik ook ii kook sound of existentialism à la donkey
Monkey, a monk got the key

Stands upon a donkey with many carrots on its way ahead
Stand under carrots how to make a donkey advance
To gobble by mind’s imagination that existentialism is its natural need
What a wandering leap, association of donkey and carrot can produce existentialism

As male and female human create children, naturally
What type of HEAD can makes donkey and carrot produce existentialism?
There must be a BIG HEAD,
Wondering how the big head advance in life?
As a hungry donkey happily advance in front of many carrots

Do donkey needs carrot to carry a big head’s leap?

Existent in resistant to re-exist

3 words fractal-ize it’s fly in the air…

voilà, comme je suis celui qui suit, donc, je suis, j’y suis.

Thursday 19 may 2016
Re member-ance: ARTa, Cartoucherie, deborahmadebandemmaskbali

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