Syamaambarathil - N V K, U R G & T G K
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My Dear Friends……

Time moves forward in jet-speed & it is still hard to believe that our beloved
“NVK”: had left us exactly three years back (24-05-2013).

On this occasion, as a mark of our great love & deep respect to him, presenting an original song which had been recorded & uploaded in MUZIBOO just a few days before NVK's departure from this world and this had been his very last recording. The three of us (NVK, Giri & me), in fact, had met at Thrissur during February, 2013 ie. just three months before his leaving us all, which had been quite an unforgettable day in our lives.
We shall always be fondly remembering you, Dear NVK, both as a great, versatile singer & as a
gem of a human being……….

To maintain nostalgia, just reproducing the introduction to the song which we had uploaded on MUZIBOO....

"This is a freshly brewed song in Malayalam admiring the natural beauty of Mother Earth at the time of sun rise. When the great celestial lotus called SUN blooms on the firmament at
the early morning, the earth prepares itself to adorn a beautiful new look altogether. By extolling the life on earth as a supreme bliss, this song is also intended to be a tribute to the famous Malayalam song of Vayalar – _Chandra Kalabham Chaarthiyurangum Theeram_, where the poet longs for one more life on this beautiful earth.

This song has been specially written and composed for all three of us to sing together. In the lyric portion of each of us there is a hint about who sings that particular stanza! This song has been set in three different _Hindustani Raags_ - *_Chandrakauns, Malkauns and Madhukauns_*, though in their _Mishra_ form.

The English meaning of the song goes like this:

*_On the dark blue sky a resplendent celestial lotus has bloomed
The dense, frightening horrid web of darkness
has slowly faded and disappeared!
The life is supremely blessed. On this earth the life is supremely blessed!_*

*_The moving breeze that caresses the body
excels by displaying its playful naughtiness!
For the cluster of clouds to get bathed
the golden pot of the full moon is dipped into the sea_*
_(Description of the Full Moon setting into the western sea at the early morning)_

*_From the gaps of the dark clouds
the rays of the Sun twinkle.
The branches of the shrubs of the Woods
are filled with fresh new blossoms!_*

*_On all these mountain peaks
the white gentle rays of the Sun spread soft smile!
All that are seen here, Oh Mother Earth, are
the throb of your love’s expanse!
The life is supremely blessed. On this earth the life is supremely blessed!_*

Friends, we all know how supremely blessed we are to continue to live on this earth. I had sent this song to NVK before uploading and I was very glad that our beloved NVK had listened to it & had given his approval permitting me to upload this song !!!!
*NVK… All of us can very well feel your gracious presence along with THE ALMIGHTY GOD, your Golden Voice & Ever-soothing singing which shall go on inspiring us all !!!! Extending our limitless respects to your great soul & unparalled singing talent !!!!!

Lyrics and Music: U.R.Giridharan.
Orchestration & Background Music: P.D.Thomas.
Singers: *Thinkal Govind Kumar, N.V.Krishnan and U.R.Giridharan.*
Dedicated to: the short but memorable occasion when the three of us met at Thrissur, Kerala on 17th February, 2013 !!!"

Please click on to view & enjoy the lovely video which was compiled & edited by our Giri !!!!!!

Licence : All Rights Reserved