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  • Microwave Shielding Audio Transcription: The radiation produced by microwaves is potentially harmful with repeated exposure. Aires Technologies offers microwave shielding products that have been tested and proven effective at blocking microwave radiation. Visit https://www.airestech.com/microwave-radiation-protection-shield/ or call +1(855) 725-2034 to learn more about the technology.
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  • Electromagnetic radiation shield Audio Transcription: Aires Technologies offers cutting edge electromagnetic radiation shield products that use cutting edge technology to protect you from the EMF exposure you encounter every day. Visit https://www.airestech.com/lp/electromagnetic-radiation-protection/ or call +1(855) 725-2034 to learn more about the award-winning Aires EMF Shield.
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  • Cell phone radiation by Aires tech Audio Transcription: With the increasing concern over the relationship between cell phone radiation and a number of health conditions, protective equipment that blocks radiation is a must. Contact Aires Tech at 1-855-725-2034 or visit https://www.airestech.com/lp/cell-phone-radiation-protection/ to learn more about their quality products.
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  • Microwave Radiation - Aires tech Audio Transcription: Protect you and your family from the harmful effects of microwave radiation from cell phones, laptops, and more with the Aires Shield Extreme from Aires Technologies. Learn more about their quality protective products at https://www.airestech.com/microwave-radiation-protection-shield/ or call 1-855-725-2034 to order.
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  • Microwave Radiation Blocker by Aires tech Audio Transcription: A microwave radiation blocker from Aires Tech will protect your entire family from the dangerous radiation emitted into your home environment from the microwave oven that you use every day. Visit https://www.airestech.com/microwave-radiation-protection-shield/ to learn more about this and similar products.
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  • Radiation Proof Phone Case - Aires tech Audio Transcription: The radiation proof phone case from Aires Tech is made to protect cell phone users from the harmful emission of radiation that can lead to serious health conditions. View the products designed to blog electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation at https://www.airestech.com/lp/anti-radiation-phone-case-2/
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  • Cell phone radiation case Audio Transcription: The controversy over the dangers of cell phone radiation has many people concerned about their safety. Aires Technologies offers a high quality cell phone radiation case to make using cell phones safer. Call 1-855-725-2034 or visit http://www.airestech.com/lp/anti-radiation-phone-case-2/ to learn more.
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  • Electromagnetic radiation Audio Transcription: Aires Technologies produces highly effective products to protect you from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation which include colon cancer, irritable bowel disease, and tumours. Call 1-855-725-2034 or visit http://www.airestech.com/lp/electromagnetic-radiation-protection/ to get the protection you need without sacrificing your wireless devices.
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  • EMF protection Audio Transcription: Aires Technologies is a leader in providing Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) protective devices that protect people from the radiation emitted by cell phones and other devices. Call 1-855-725-2034 or visit http://www.airestech.com/lp/emf-protection/ to learn more about the importance of protection from EMF.
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  • Microwave radiation Audio Transcription: Microwave radiation is a real danger that is in most homes today. Aires Technologies offers a protection shield that protects you from dangerous radiation from cell phones, baby monitors, and much more. Call 1-855-725-2034 or visit http://www.airestech.com/microwave-radiation-protection-shield/ for more info.
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