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A headlamp is a light that attached to the front part of a vehicle to light the road ahead. While the common term for the head lamp is headlight used interchangeably in informal discussion. Headlamp is the term for the device itself, while headlight properly refers to the beam of light produced and distributed by the light fitted inside it.
Types of Head Light:
1.Sealed Beam -Used between 1939 – 1975

2.Halogen-he most common headlight bulb; uses a filament like a regular household light bulb; filled with halogen gas, which increases the intensity of the light produced Composite – fixed housing with replaceable bulb

3.High Intensity Discharge(HID) -Also known as HID bulbs; can last up to 90 percent longer than halogen bulbs and produce almost twice the amount of light compared to a halogen bulb; vehicle owners should check to see if their vehicle can handle HID bulbs without alterations to the vehicle wiring

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