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Tail lights are the two rear lights on the back of a car. These lights remain on while the car headlights are on in the front of the vehicle. These lights produce a bright red light, usually by shining through a red plastic cover used to protect the bulb. Tail lights provide the essential illumination that lets other drivers know where you are in the dark. When the tail lights go out, drivers increase their risk of being rear ended. In fact, these two lights are so important that many states have laws requiring that they remain functional at all times.

Most tail lights have two modes: bright and dim. When the car is in operation, the lights are normally dim, bright enough to see, but not overwhelming. When the car stops, those lights automatically shift to bright mode, alerting drivers behind you that you are stopping. This helps prevent accidents from sudden stops as drivers may have a hard time with depth perception after dark. This function can also be performed by two separate bulbs in the tail light, one that is bright and one that is less intense.

Types of Tail Lights
There are three basic types of lights used in car tail lights. Each of these provides light through a different mechanism, but they all provide relatively fast and intense illumination needed for driving on the road after dark. The light produced by these bulbs is usually blue, white, or yellow. The lights don’t all fit in any one kind of vehicle. Customers will need to look at the type of light needed for their car before making a purchase.
Halogen Lights
Xenon Lights
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