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  • bmw z8 catalytic-converter--best prices
    bmw z8 catalytic-converter--best prices What really matters nowadays is also how far the car engine can reduce the emission of exhaust gases and it is the reason why catalytic converters are now compulsory in exhaust system of every car. BMW catalytic converter is used to convert those harmful gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons into less harmful gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen plus water. Also the engine performance is of the same importance and is required to burn the air-fuel mixture completely. But due different load and speed conditions such ideal combustion is hardly achieved and leaves out residues or unburnt fuel at the exhaust. The catalytic converter however burns this partially burnt fuel mixture before it escapes through the tail pipe. This crucial process is done easily by the catalyst present inside the converter. Catalyst is a substance that takes part in the chemical reactions but it itself remains unchanged. Because of high temperatures at the exhaust side, these converters gets damaged however they are designed perform for a sufficient period of 10 years. But uncertainties reduce their life expectancy. Avoid purchasing those expensive OEM converters for your BMW instead try the catalytic converters from world class brands like Eastern, Bosal or Walker with same specifications and durability like your original ones with very less price to pay.Looking to buy catalytic converters log on to http://www.theautopartsshop.com/auto+car-usa+parts/bmw+z8+catalytic-converter.html to place a quick order with free shipping and warranty.
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  • ford custom 500 catalytic converter--best deals
    ford custom 500 catalytic converter--best deals Being the oldest manufacturer, Ford has maintained this fact even today by producing cars that most people look for. Emission control is something that every automaker today is aiming of as increased pollutants from the automotives have greatly affected the environment. One such attempt is a catalytic converter that fits right between the exhaust manifold and exhaust tail pipe which helps in converting the highly dangerous gases into less harmful gases. It all happens because the chemical reaction that goes inside the converter when the exhaust gases react with the catalyst. The ceramic material which acts as a catalyst is however exposed to high temperatures of the exhaust gases and causes it to melt with time. Even the rough protruding off the road may leak the converter externally causing a loud noise to be produced during the exhaust. If you are looking for a catalytic converter replacement be smart by choosing original like catalytic converters from Dorman, Eastern, Walker and Bosal that are very inexpensive compared to the OEM replacement and are manufactured to possess same quality and durability.Visit http://www.theautopartsshop.com/auto+car-usa+parts/ford+custom-500+catalytic-converter.html to buy catalytic converters with best deals,lowest prices,discounts and warranty.
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  • eagle summit  catalytic-converter
    eagle summit catalytic-converter Different Types of Catalytic Converter Function in Different Ways A Catalytic Converter is commonly referred to as a “Cat” and works by causing unburned fuel to be chemically altered, helping to reduce the overall harmful emissions released. This is done through the use of a catalyst, normally a precious metal. The most common material used today is Platinum. Other metals and combinations of metals can also be used as a catalyst, such as Nickel, Copper, Iron or Manganese. Platinum and Rhodium used in combination form a reduction catalyst, while Platinum and Palladium form an oxidation catalyst. The difference in which types of material used depends on the end result desired. A Catalytic Converter on a diesel engine has a completely different function than a Catalytic Converter on a gasoline engine or even an engine using E85. Cars first started using Cats in 1975 when the EPA introduced limits on car exhaust emissions. The first Catalytic Converters used were called two way Cats. They had 2 distinct functions; Converting unburned hydrocarbons to water and Carbon Dioxide The conversion or Carbon Monoxide to Carbon Dioxide. In 1981, most cars started using what is called a 3 way Cat. Three way Converters have 3 distinct functions; Conversion (oxidation) of unburned Hydrocarbons to water and Carbon Dioxide Conversion (oxidation) of Carbon Monoxide to Carbon Dioxide Reducing Nitrogen Oxides to Nitrogen and Oxygen A Catalytic Converter is made up of specific metals and other materials designed to produce a chemical reaction to accomplish the specific function desired. The Catalyst is supported within a honeycomb design made up of either Ceramic or Stainless Steel. There are screens on either end to prevent the catalyst from leaving the Cat and clogging the muffler. As the exhaust passes through, cold air is sometimes injected to assist in the chemical reaction. When functioning properly, a Catalytic Converter will get very hot. If the fuel is contaminated and excessively high levels of hydrocarbons occur, the Cat may glow red hot and failure from melting will occur. The best way to prevent this is to always use a good quality fuel. Other ways the Cat can fail are from the introduction of leaded gas, silicone (from anti-freeze) or excess Manganese (from the additive MMT). All these contaminants will cause the catalyst to stop functioning and eventually become a solid mass and restrict the flow of exhaust. A sulfur smell (rotten eggs) is not a sign that the cat is starting to fail, but rather a sign that the Cat is working very well but the fuel you are using may have an excessive amount of organic sulfur compounds. When these compounds build up under lean conditions, they eventually burn off, especially under a heavy load or rich condition and cause that undesirable odor. Direct Fit and Universal Fit Catalytic Converter You have a few choices with the selection of a replacement. A “direct fit” replacement, which will be almost identical in size and configuration as the original, or a “universal fit” which may require some cutting or other modifications. Companies like Walker, Bosal and Eastern sell both types and have a large selection for most vehicles on the road today. Whether you own a Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, Ford, Lexus, Infinity, Honda or most any other model, you can usually find a replacement Catalytic Converter. It’s an Easy Task to Replace Catalytic Converter If you find yourself needing to replace the Catalytic Converter, it is a fairly simple job, only requiring a few wrenches and sockets. A rotary cutting tool is often required too. The easiest way to remove the old Cat is by cutting it out with a cutting tool. The bolts will almost always be almost impossible to remove unless you can use a torch to heat them. Even if you can get them hot enough with a torch, it is often easier to simply replace them. If using a universal type Cat, you will normally need to cut the pipe and then use clamps to install the new one. The hardest part of the job is often figuring out how to twist and turn the pipe assembly to get it out from under the vehicle. Always be sure you order the replacement gaskets if required. If you order an OEM cat from a dealer, there is often a core deposit until you bring the old one back. This is an attempt to get the internal pellets back for recycling. If the pellets are not in the catalytic converter, you may not receive your core deposit back!Visit www.theautopartsshop.com/auto+car-usa+parts/eagle+summit+catalytic-converter.html to buy catalytic convrters
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  • dodge conquest catalytic-converter--lowest prices
    dodge conquest catalytic-converter--lowest prices With all high-end features your Dodge is also good in terms of reducing the emission that can harm the nature. It is all because of the catalytic converter fitted right between the oxygen sensor and tail pipe. The catalyst present in the converter causes the exhaust gases to chemically react and form gases that are generally less harmful than what the unconverted fuel mixture would produce. With the use the converter gets clogged and do not allow the gases to pass through it causing back pressure that could affect the efficiency of the engine. Also when the converter is damaged externally due to the rough surfaces and debris striking off the road will lead to loud peculiar noise indicating the leakage of the converter. Replacing the Dodge OEM catalytic converter is however costly and it is suggested to go for similar replacements that possess same characteristics and features like the originals with an advantage of cost savings. Here you can find the replacements for your Dodge catalytic converter from Eastern, Bosal and Walker with free 2 years warranty that could really add to your savings.Visit http://www.theautopartsshop.com/auto+car-usa+parts/dodge+conquest+catalytic-converter.html to buy catalytic converters with best deals,discounts,warranty etc.
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  • chrysler daytona catalytic converter
    chrysler daytona catalytic converter With eco-friendly concepts nowadays it is required to keep your car from harmful emissions which necessitate the use of catalytic converters before the exhaust tail pipe. The catalytic converter is a device that converts the harmful exhaust products from the engine exhaust into gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen along with water which create less harm to the environment. It consists of a catalyst which helps in development of chemical reaction but do not get affected by the reaction. Chrysler catalytic converter when damaged can lead you oxygen sensor to sense more oxygen at the exhaust and also if the damage is external there will be loud noise coming out of the leakage. Also a clogged converter may lead to back pressure that can damage the engine efficiency a lot. Do not hesitate for a replacement because of the highly expensive price for the product. You can still get Catalytic Converter for your Chrysler at affordable rates from makes like Eastern, Walker and Bosal with our secure online shopping. These converters are extremely good in quality and function just like your original Chrysler catalytic converter. The only difference is the price that makes your purchase most valuable.http://www.theautopartsshop.com/auto+car-usa+parts/chrysler+daytona+catalytic-converter.html
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  • mitsubishi eclipse catalytic converter--lowest prices
    mitsubishi eclipse catalytic converter--lowest prices Mitsubishi's performance is greatly dependent on the condition of its engine under the hood. Also parts like catalytic converter ensures that while moving on the road, Mitsubishi remains eco-friendly by absorbing the unwanted polluting gases. In certain cases when the supplied fuel mixture is rich or if the spark plugs are faulty, the engine may not be able to provide proper combustion which results in a partly burned mixture in the exhaust that includes poisonous gases like Carbon Monoxide and Oxides of Nitrogen. But these gases when pass through the catalytic converter reacts with the catalyst inside and gets converted into oxygen and nitrogen gases along with less harmful gas CO2. But the intense heat generation due to hot exhaust gases leads to damaging of the converter with time and necessitates replacement. If your Mitsubishi is giving out loud noise at the exhaust, we suggest you to go for a new catalytic converter replacement from Bosal, Easter and Walker without spending much. We assure that the catalytic converter for Mitsubishi is highly reliable and is manufactured to remain operative for miles.Visit http://www.theautopartsshop.com/auto+car-usa+parts/mitsubishi+eclipse+catalytic-converter.html to buy with best deals,warranty,free shipping,
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  • cadillac srx catalytic converter--Free shipping
    cadillac srx catalytic converter--Free shipping With increasing pollution from the automotives, Cadillac cars are fitted with catalytic converters that ensure less poisonous gases to be emitted from the car. The catalytic converters consists of a catalyst that helps in chemical reaction which converts the gases like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides into carbon dioxide and nitrogen which are comparatively less harmful and can help protect the environment. It is very obvious that the exhaust gases from the engine are of immensely high temperature and the ceramic material inside the converter gets melted with time due to such extreme environment. Also while moving on rough surfaces, small rocks or debris can cause leakage externally on the catalytic converter which produces loud noise from the tail pipe. Original catalytic converter replacement is very expensive which is why people are afraid to buy one. But you can have the best inexpensive choice from our catalog that delivers catalytic converters from Eastern, Walker and Bosal that are just like your original Cadillac catalytic converters and are manufactured to exceed the standards. Such high quality replacement you can get easily with our secure online shopping system and you can also enjoy free 2 years warranty.Visit http://www.theautopartsshop.com/auto+car-usa+parts/cadillac+srx+catalytic-converter.html to catalytic converter with warranty,free shipping,best deals.
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  • honda element cvatalytic converter--lowest prices
    honda element cvatalytic converter--lowest prices Honda has been constantly trying its best to assist in pollution control. The catalytic converter is a result of one such attempt which tries to minimize the effect of the exhaust gases by converting them to less harmful gases. Due to variations in the air fuel ratio it is obvious that complete combustion of fuel mixture is hardly achieved which can lead to development of harmful gases like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides in the exhaust. The catalytic converter converts these gases into carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water which are comparatively less harmful. But this crucial component cannot perform all the time as the ceramic material located inside the converter known as catalyst melts sometimes due to high exhaust gas temperatures. Even these gases clog the honeycomb path of the converter which does not allow further the entry of the gases causing an effect known as backpressure. This backpressure causes the engine to run low in efficiency. If you are worried about the expensive replacement of your Honda catalytic converter we have the best substitute for you which is not even costly but is also good in terms of performance. Find out here to also get free 2 years warranty on catalytic converters from Eastern, Walker and Bosal. Buy it today only on http://www.theautopartsshop.com/auto+car-usa+parts/honda+element+catalytic-converter.html with best deals,free shipping,warranty.
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  • Jaguar super v8 catalytic converter--lowest prices
    Jaguar super v8 catalytic converter--lowest prices Jaguar which is a brand known for luxury consists of a part known as catalytic converter for reducing the exhaust emissions. The construction of Jaguar catalytic converter essentially consists of a ceramic catalyst that is meant to absorb harmful gases like carbon monoxide and NOx that comes out from the exhaust side of the engine and leaves behind less harmful gases like Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen. But you can not assure your Jaguar catalytic converter to function same all the time. Improper fuel ratio or damaged spark plug would produce harmful gases in great quantity and damage the catalyst inside.This will make the converter useless and would give out gases to the exhaust un-absorbed causing unwanted emissions out of your Luxurious and comfy Jaguar. Replace this catalytic converter at lowest price from Walker, Bosal or Eastern which are most durable and reliable.Visit http://www.theautopartsshop.com/auto+car-usa+parts/jaguar+super-v8+catalytic-converter.html to buy catalytic converters with best deals.
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  • acura mdx catalytic-converter
    acura mdx catalytic-converter The catalytic converter which is located in the exhaust system of Acura ensures that exhaust gases with pollutants such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides do not escape to the environment. Catalytic converter converts such harmful gases into less dangerous gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen. It is however a compulsory element in modern day vehicles to protect the environment. Acura Catalytic converter is exposed to very high temperatures of exhaust gases and is obvious to malfunction at times. The exhaust gases clog the converter causing back pressure that affect the efficiency of your Acura. Even due to external blows under the exhaust from the road surface may lead to leakage of the converter which emits a loud noise during the engine exhaust. Replacing the Acura catalytic converter with OEM part is highly expensive but still you have an option to buy the catalytic converter from Walker, Bosal, Eastern and Dorman that functions the same like your original Acura catalytic converter but are less expensive. These brands are world leaders in catalytic converters and are highly recommended for their excellent durability. Browse through for the exact catalytic converter for almost all the models of your Acura and ensure free 2 years warranty with every single purchase.http://www.theautopartsshop.com/auto+car-usa+parts/acura+mdx+catalytic-converter.html
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