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  • ekhoni bidaay another bangla melody in Rafi Jee's voice....seems to be a semi classical one....full of melody and Rafi Jee's unique style of singing....loved it very much and tried the same as the track is available...hope you all enjoy..
    syamsundar 00:03:22 49 0 Downloads 8 Comments
  • naai naai a KK Jee's bangla melody.....not sure of its meaning...but tried as the tune tempted me a lot ,,,hope you all enjoy
    syamsundar 00:03:13 48 0 Downloads 11 Comments
  • aaj theke aar bhalo another bengali melody of Kishore Kumar Jee....I have no words to share on this tune....very very nice melody....I don't have the full track...hence the very short version...hope you all enjoy this
    syamsundar 00:00:48 50 0 Downloads 7 Comments
  • cheyechi a lovely bengali melody..which I happened to find it recently and fortunately the karaoke as well.....tried my level best ...hope you enjoy this melody
    syamsundar 00:04:40 42 0 Downloads 8 Comments
  • hosa baalige another Rajan-Nagendra's romantic melody from an old kannada film Na Ninna Bidalaare...and my heartfelt thanks due to S HariPrakash for making the track available
    syamsundar 00:04:36 40 0 Downloads 9 Comments
  • amar deep nebhano I must mention my thanks to Sandeep Jee for his wealth of melody and also for bringing this excellent KK Jee's song to light, out of that....and I am totally drenched in this melody and basked all these days in that...and finally tried it...hope you enjoy this..
    syamsundar 00:03:28 47 0 Downloads 10 Comments
  • nayono sharoshi having been very much influenced by the style of singing of our beloved sangeeth Kishore jee, and his sharing of the track for my request, I upload this wonderful melody of KK Jee, and I am very much indebted to Sangeeth Kishore Jee for all of his influence
    syamsundar 00:03:09 42 0 Downloads 7 Comments
  • naanu neenu a Rajan-Nagendra's melody of an old Kannada film ...
    syamsundar 00:04:51 22 0 Downloads 7 Comments
  • jevha tuzya a Suresh Wadkar Jee's melody by Shrinivas Khale jee...hope you all enjoy this
    syamsundar 00:05:35 49 0 Downloads 7 Comments
  • ningi nela a Rajan-Nagendra's romantic melody of yester years.....from a telugu film Pooja....hope you like this melody
    syamsundar 00:03:39 32 0 Downloads 3 Comments
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