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  • syamasundara pushpame A KJY's melody of yesteryear
    syamsundar 00:04:22 50 0 Downloads 6 Comments
  • kanmaniye pesu an old Tamil melody by Maestro Ilaiyaraja......
    syamsundar 00:04:24 44 0 Downloads 2 Comments
  • tomate amate an RD Burman's bangla melody
    syamsundar 00:03:07 68 0 Downloads 5 Comments
  • jete dao an RD Burman's bangla melody.....
    syamsundar 00:03:13 52 0 Downloads 2 Comments
  • gum hai kisi ke a hindi melody of yesteryear but with a modern touch
    syamsundar 00:05:20 50 0 Downloads 3 Comments
  • aaj ei brishtir a bangla melody....which I happened to find on youtube tow days ago...and gone mad after this..the meaning of this bangla song is like the following: Aj Ei Brishtir Kanna Dhekhe Seeing the cries of this rain today Mone Porlo Tomar I remember you Osru Bhora Duti Chokh Eyes filled with tears Tumi Bethar Kajol Mekhe Wearing kazal of sorrows Lukiye Chile Oi Mukh You had hidden that face Bedona Ke Shathi Kore Making the sorrows companion Pakha Mele Diyecho Tumi You’ve extended your wings Koto Dure Jabe Bolo (2) How far you’d go Tomar Pother Shathi Hobo Ami I’ll be the companion of your way Aj Ei Brishtir Kanna Dhekhe Mone Porlo Tomar Osru Bhora Duti Chokh Tumi Bethar Kajol Mekhe Lukiye Chile Oi Mukh Ekakini Acho Boshe You’re sitting alone Poth Bhule Giyecho Tumi You’ve forgotten the way Kon Shure Jabe Bolo (2) Which distance you’d go Tomar Cholar Shathi Hobo Ami I’ll be your companion throughout the way
    syamsundar 00:06:11 66 0 Downloads 3 Comments
  • tumi nei bole aaj Song - Tumi Nei Bole Singer - Raghab Chatterjee Music Director - Chiradip Dasgupta Lyricist - Shamik Sinha Tumi Nei Bole Aaj chand ashe ni akashe Nei kono taara Tumi Nei Bole Aaj ful foteni bagane Jhore geche paata Kara jeno hay kane bole gelo Tumi aaj ar ashbe na Godhulir kole sagorer tirey Khujona take pabe na Obuj e mon tobu tomay Khuje beray elo-melo chokhe Jhore jay ful jhore du-noyon Jhor utheche mone Jhorey na noyon theme jay jhor Tumi ele e jibone Khoje tara ashe je chand Firey abar moner e akashe
    syamsundar 00:04:30 70 0 Downloads 6 Comments
  • o my love a Rafi Jee's melody
    syamsundar 00:05:04 117 0 Downloads 4 Comments
  • maa voollo a telugu song of yesteryear from AVE KALLU....the rough translation of the song goes like this: Ma uullo oka paduchundi there is an young lady in our town deyyamante bhayamannadi and she is afraid of evil spirits (the ghosts) dadaadadaadadadadaadada ma uullo oka paduchundi deyyamante bhayamannadi aavullo oka chinnodu but an young lad in the same town nenunna le padamannadu said "dont worry I am here" chemmachekka chemmachekka chemmachekka hoi..mallemogga mallemogga mallemogga hoi(chemma chekka) hoi..bale bale bale bale balee..yyah(ma uullo) Kanti meeda kunuku radu bava andi oh my dear I don't get a sleep kannu muusuko nannu taluchuko pilla annadu close your eyes and think of me hoi..laailalla laailalla lallalaa(2) hoi lailalla lailallalalla lallalallalaa..(kanti) olammo gairammo cheekatlo chuusindedo wow..the deity gowri...she might have seen someting in the dark olammo gairammo kevvantuu arichindayyo and screamed hatake hatake hatake are..batake batake batake(hatake) hoi..balebalebalebalebalee..yyah.. Burrupitta ahaa turrumante ooho baboi andi for a bird's sound of its wings the lady screamed again in fear attakodukuni aravabokule pillaa annadu and the young man said"Its me ...your maternal aunt's son" don't cry hoi..lailalla lailalla lallalaa(2) hoi..lailalla lailallalalla lallalallalaa..(burrupitta)(olammo) (hatake)(ma uullo) (chemmachekka) chemmachekka mallemogga(4) balebalebalebalebalee..yyah..
    syamsundar 00:04:11 63 0 Downloads 6 Comments
  • jodi hoi happened to listen to this bangla melody of yesteryear and got lost in its wonderful melody.....what a wonderful treasure of music of bangla ...tried my level best to render this melody of KK Ji and Asha ji
    syamsundar 00:03:30 95 0 Downloads 7 Comments
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