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  • Two Sisters/Oleander Accompaniment to Wolfgirl in Braavos fanfic (over on Archive Of Our Own), Chapter 9! This is from the Emily Portman version of the well-known English ballad, which has many variations, including Two Sisters, The Cruel Sister, The Bows of London, and The Wind and The Rain.
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  • Sansa's Norse song
    Sansa's Norse song From the Völuspá, for Sansa's song in Chapter 42, Sansa And The Sun And The Moon, Sansa Washed Ashore The Old Norse words to Sansa's song are: Sól varp sunnan, sinni mána, hendi inni hægri um himinjöður; sól þat né vissi, hvar hon sali átti, máni þat né vissi, hvat hann megins átti, stjörnur þat né vissu hvar þær staði áttu. Translation: Sun turned from the south, sister of Moon Her right arm rested on the rim of the sky She had no inkling of where her hall was, The stars did not know their places, Nor Moon a notion of his might
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  • Hollyberry
    Hollyberry Hollyberry from Chapter 13, Sansa At Jul Part Two, Sansa Washed Ashore. An adapted version of an old English pre-Christian winter song for Sansa to sing at Jul!
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