Swarm Technology provide new computing techniques and enable proactive autonomy in distributed computing and robotics. We modeled an architecture and algorithm named as "Solidarity Cell Architecture" that enables dynamic-expandable heterogeneous distributed computing, swarm-intelligence, limitless expandability and endless resiliency. Swarm Technology's algorithms enable dynamic addition of processors for uninterrupted parallel processing. Cognitive algorithm in Social Insects summarized by five behavioral principles Awareness, Autonomy, Solidarity, Expandability and Resiliency. Best technology licensing company known primarily for synthesizing swarm intelligence.

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  • Artificial Intelligence Companies
    Artificial Intelligence Companies Swarm Technology is one of the best Artificial Intelligence Company in the US which provides an advancement in the area of artificial intelligence with a clear focus on collective intelligence.
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  • Swarm Robotics Swarm robotics is also one of the approaches offered by us which is used to the coordination of multi-robot systems. This approach emerged from the field of artificial swarm intelligence, as well as the biological studies of insects, ants and other fields in nature, where swarm behavior occurs. http://www.swarmtechnology.us/
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  • Distributed Artificial Intelligence
    Distributed Artificial Intelligence Swarm Technology Architecture Works On Distributed Computation System. Distributed Artificial Intelligence is an excellent approach to solve processing of very large data sets, complex learning, and decision making problems. It is a distributed system which sub-samples large data sets and process it efficiently. Visit http://www.swarmtechnology.us/ for more information.
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