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This site is for my "MISFITS" project. I have many albums of much more serious work, but thoght I'd have some fun throwing some of my odd/playful/fun/feel good stuff up to get some reactions...(Shrug) :*)

Songwriter (on the side) :*) of Contracting/Developing over four thousand commercial/residential projects, and raising a family of seven.
Write/Arrange/Play quite a few instruments-Electric and Rhythm Guitars/Bass/Drums/Piano/Keys-Synth/Mandolin/Harmonica/Acoustic Guitar/recording/engineering and production/mixing/mastering.

No training/schooling-self taught.
Thanks for the visit friend!
Enjoy the work! Some of the tracks are just a few instruments where I multi-tracked/overdubbed and some are full blown 25-30 tracks of a decent amount of arranging/work!

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  • Holy Moses
    Holy Moses Fun song! Many requests for this one! Recorded everything even vocals through an $89 mic (just cuz/for fun/experiment) including the upright acoustic bass! Very rockin/Bluesy guitar work goin' on here! Very busy fretwork many musicians can't even keep up with this melodic fretwork! To play this exact arrangement and sing over it is a challenge for any pro let me tell you! :*)
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  • Not Me
    Not Me Got kids? Whatever just happened... They didn't do it! Just ask 'em, it was that phantom goin' by the name of "not me!" He sure gets around that not-me fella!
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  • Joey and the Yuppie
    Joey and the Yuppie Funny how life turns out for both the poor and the rich. The proud and the humble. The man in the suit and the man in the jeans.
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  • You Listen To Mine
    You Listen To Mine The hilarious story tells of a songwriter who catches on real fast to Nashville's pay for a critique syndrome. Then teaches the easy-money predators a lesson by writing a hilarious piece about the very experience! Every writer at some point encounters these parasites in the industry.
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  • 103% BOY
    103% BOY Watching the rascals grow up!
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  • Daddy's Girl
    Daddy's Girl Reminiscing and remembering my daughter's birth and holding her tiny little hand. It's okay for a grown man to need a Kleenex, (and not admit it.) { As I wrote this song and hammered out the arrangements and lyrics, I cried my eyes out, envisioning myself hovering over my firstborn little girl, and that moment when we literally grasped each others hands while she lay there on mama's belly. :*) } Lyrics: VERSE I knew this day would eventually come my way I'm truly amazed how quickly the time slips away you've zipped through school and now you're on to graduation what do I do then would you mind if we reminisce CHORUS Do you remember taking hold of my hand while you were lying on mama's belly and how I'd hold you in the palm of my hand whisper to you sweet daddy's baby Do you remember how overnight you were ten that flame of time so quickly burnin but we'd still dance it to a song as we laughed holding hands skip to the music you went from baby in the palm of my hands to daddy's girl VERSE Now I know the day will eventually come my way when you'll need to say daddy I'm movin away, and it's okay cuz I'll visit you through holidays and on vacation when I call you we'll close our eyes and reminisce CHORUS II And we'll remember you taking hold of my hand while you were lying on mama's belly and how I'd hold you in the palm of my hand whisper to you sweet daddy's baby We'll wander back to the time you were ten slow that flame of time from burnin and we'll be dancin to this song as we laugh let our hearts beat to the music ya went from baby in the palm of my hands, to daddy's girl BRIDGE Little baby understand you can always hold my hand I want you to know you'll always be to me you'll always be your daddy's girl CHORUS/OUTRO/FADE Then she's graduating... Ya, you get it! :*)
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  • Packers-n-Cheese Tonight
    Packers-n-Cheese Tonight Welcome to subzero barbecues Welcome to our crazy neck of the woods Sit right down come on have yourselves a bite Grab a spotted cow we're havin' Packers-n-Cheese tonight
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  • Friend
    Friend Be there, be true! Be a good friend.
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