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  • The team of rehabilitation therapists are now offering The experts at stalbertphysiotherapy.com have now served over 12,420 patients in the St. Albert and Edmonton communities. Since 1992, they have helped patients find relief from pain from physical ailments caused from such things as disease, injuries, and deformities. The team of rehabilitation therapists are now offering no obligation appointments so potential patients can find out more about how the service might help them. Visit - https://stalbertphysiotherapy.com/contact/
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  • Body Restorations will do an “Early Assessment” when you com Body Restorations will do an “Early Assessment” when you come in for physiotherapy; this allows therapists to identify the more complicated cases quickly and get started with treatment right away. If you are feeling pain now, it is best that you seek treatment as soon as possible. Research has proven that people who seek treatment for their pain immediately have less of a chance of it becoming an issue later own. Early intervention is always the best option. Visit - https://stalbertphysiotherapy.com/contact/
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  • St Albert - Acupuncture, Physiotherapy Physiotherapy St Albert can deal with most problems that need to be implemented resulting in improved general physical fitness and generally restoring bodily health. The following treatments to list some common ones, are available for just about any pain are as follows: >> Therapeutic Exercises designed for your body >> Acupuncture for nerve pain relief >> Orthotics for shoes for correct walking and other corrective devices >> All equipment is available, ultrasound, laser electro-muscular stimulators >> Pain management and education >> Exercises for lumbar and other problems Read more at http://stalbertphysiotherapy.com/our-services/
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  • Body Restoration - Physiotherapy in St Albert Audio transcription: When it comes to preventative healthcare, the Body Restoration team follows a very involved style; with a wide range of physiological modalities which can give each person the desired outcome from their therapy. Some of the physical therapy offered at Body Restoration includes: >> Therapeutic exercises that are custom designed to meet each person’s needs >> Ergonomic assessments >> Graston Technique >> Intramuscular stimulation >> Manual therapy >> McKenzie method >> Myofascial release >> Athletic taping >> Orthotics >> Pain management education >> Pelvic floor therapy >> Sports injury physiotherapy >> TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) >> Ultrasound laser electrical muscle stimulation, heat and ice >> Urinary incontinence >> Vestibular rehabilitation Resources: http://stalbertphysiotherapy.com/ http://stalbertphysiotherapy.com/service/ims-physiotherapy/ http://stalbertphysiotherapy.com/service/registered-massage-therapy/ http://stalbertphysiotherapy.com/service/acupuncture/ http://stalbertphysiotherapy.com/service/radial-shockwave-therapy/
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  • St Albert Acupuncture & Massage Therapy For the past 25 years, Body Restauration (http://stalbertphysiotherapy.com/service/acupuncture/) has been dedicated to helping the people of St. Albert and Greater Edmonton regain and maintain their optimum health with the help of its magnificent professional staff and its growing therapy services.
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  • Body Restoration has treated over 12,400 patients Body Restoration (http://stalbertphysiotherapy.com/) has treated over 12,400 patients since it opened its doors in 1992. While embracing new technology and techniques they have not left behind the basic tenets of hands-on healing. If you are injured or have chronic pain, the mission is to help you live pain-free. Relief is a click or a phone call away. Come in for your no obligation exam and find out what will work for you.
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  • St Albert Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, IMS Therapy
    St Albert Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, IMS Therapy Audio transcription: Body Restoration Physiotherapy has successfully been serving the area of St. Albert and Edmonton for over 23 years. They offer services such as; vestibular rehabilitation, physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, acupuncture, radial shockwave therapy, and IMS therapy. Many individuals come to Body Restoration when in need of any physical therapy services.
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