Dry Roasted Korean Seaweed Snacks for Healthy and Well-Being

Seaweed snacks is a nutritious packed roasted item which is made up of sustainably-grown organic seaweed, fully using 100% organic sunflower seed oil and loess salt.


Seaweeds are virtually fat-free, having low calories and the richest sources of minerals which found in the ocean. Whether nature makes it incredibly very nutritious and finally it is incredibly delicious. People love seaweed not only for great taste, it also contain with good nutritional value.

Seaweed has high density of vitamins and minerals compare with any of the foods. Seaweed is a vegetable; even it is called as sea lettuce or Ulva sea lettuce. It is very famous in Asian cultures, Korean peoples mostly add this seaweeds in their food and enjoying it taste. Korean seaweed snacks are very delicious, have good texture, and contain many health benefits.

Most of the seaweeds are varies in color it is in green, brown or red in color. Red and brown algae are exclusively in marine, while green are common in freshwater like rivers and lakes and other water bodies

Most of the seaweeds contain both anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agents. Their medicinal effects have been used by the ancient Romans to treat wounds, burns, and rashes. Ancient Egyptians have used them as a treatment for curing breast cancer.

Certain seaweeds act as powerful cancer fighting agents, the researchers as well as proved in the treatment of malignant tumors and leukemia. These types of versatile seaweed are contributed to our economic growth.

Benefits of Dry Roasted Seaweed

In research compare to other foods seaweed is very good for health. It has more fiber, vitamins and minerals that take care of your overall healthy performance.

Among the nutrients benefits of seaweeds it also has vitamins A and C, potassium, magnesium, and iodine, which helps your thyroid function. And they can make a big impact on your health for healthy living.

Seaweed reduce the risk of breast cancer, decrease inflammation, prevent from obesity, improve fertility, best food for Weight Loss, for thyroid Metabolism, increase stamina and immune health so buy dry roasted seaweed and had it in daily intake to lead a healthy life.

Buy Dry Roasted Seaweed

Kcgim (Kwang Chun Solmoi food co., Ltd) - We are the professional manufacturer and exporter of seafood seaweed products in Korea and worldwide. We supply the main products like well-being roasted seaweed series, green tea, Black garlic, sea lettuce, kimchi taste seaweed series and seasoned seaweed snacks from all over the world.

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