sleep talking
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Okay, I do NOT talk like this in real life. This was me sleep talking. I kept getting woken up by my racing mind, and I edited out the silence when I would fall back asleep. I have issues falling asleep because of an overactive mind. When I do fall asleep, I probably sleeptalk about 1/3 of the night. I talk then get out of breath from talking too much, and then take breaks. (Like I said, I deleted those breaks, but this went on for over an hour.) This clip which was over an hr was shortened to 24 minutes.

Backstory: I've always been a deep, complex thinker. I write stories, songs, poems, articles, etc. in my sleep. I have thousands of invention ideas I've come up with in my sleep, at least 3-4 per night that I remember (and you'll hear one in here). I think scientific and philosophical concepts during sleep. I am sick, and I've been feeling like I don't have long left to live. I feel like I die in my sleep frequently. During this process, I feel like God asks me to come to Him, but I selfishly cling to life. I feel like there may be entities and I may be able to "feel" with my 6th sense the spiritual world ,experiments around us, etc. My senses aren't great so it's all a jumbled mix. It causes extreme dissonance that I can't "crack the codes", esp during sleep. This shows when I sleep. I get frustrated that I don't have all the answers. My soul is always searching. Perhaps this made me ill. I'm a lost soul who is an enigma, indigo, whatever you want to call it... phenomenon perhaps.

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