She manages to send out a signal even when she is newly arrived. She’s a good kid, despite scaring her parents on occasion with tricks like making all the silverware in the kitchen take to the air, or causing the odd earthquake when she does a mental Bruce Banner. But, just as Danny needed Dick Hallorann and Tony, Abra needs help as well. That she and Danny will team up is a foregone conclusion. To see what your friends thought of this book,please sign up. We rank every Stephen King movie from worst to best by Metascore. Next, I would’ve appreciated more depth into the explanation of shining, steam, and the individual new characters.

<img src="https://i.pinimg.com/236x/b8/9d/e3/b89de304c1588bde946d44cd91e6ab50.jpg" />

I don't remember another Stephen King book where so many of the good guys survived the final encounter. After all the glimpses shown in NOS4A2, I knew I'd be reading this one hot off the presses. I noticed elements of Pet Sematary, Firestarter, and The Dead Zone. Besides trying to scare the heeby-jeebies out of us, King explores themes of family, life and death, extra sensory perceptions, and the demons that haunt us, paranormal and mundane. But I loved the last conclusion, having another journey to the Overlook and villains of the book are perfectly developed to give you good nightmares.

So Danny now Dan lives in the town of Frazier and is a groundskeeper for a little village called Teeny Town. He works with a man that turns out to be a good friend and fellow shiner named Billy Freeman.

This explanation is something that I’m sure, in the novel, Stephen King got into thoroughly. Even without the full look into each character, individually all of the actors did a solid job. Rebecca Ferguson, as Rose The Hat, is simply enchanting. I really enjoyed her performance of the character.

He winds up with a job as an orderly at a hospice where he earns the nickname of Doctor Sleep for his ability to provide an easier death for the patients. Remember that psychic little kid in The Shining? Have you ever wondered what he’d be like as an adult after surviving a haunted hotel that drove his drunken father crazy and gave him a case of the redrums? If so, you’re in luck because Stephen King has now told us what happened to Danny Torrance, and he’s just as screwed up from his experience as you’d expect him to be.

AA figures very large in this story, is central really. And the wisdom one can find in AA permeates the novel, from the importance of recognizing that we need help from others, to accepting our past and dealing with it, a very strong, serious element. Abra is born with a shining of prodigious proportions.

This really helps painting a clear picture of everyone, and I was able to understand Dan Torrance better than I might would have without this leadup. https://www.sleepdreampillow.com/ with the book is that Abra was too damn powerful and I never thought for a moment that she wouldn't survive. When she outmaneuvers the bad guys at every turn, there's no sense of jeopardy. The ending was straight from the Nerf factory.

Dan becomes aware of a little girl named Abra with a shining ability that dwarfs his own, but unfortunately Abra has also come to the attention of group of vampire like creatures calling themselves the True Knot. Like his father, Dan has grown up to be a bad tempered drunk, and he uses the booze to blot out his psychic powers as he drifts from town to town working menial jobs. The early part of the book focuses on Dan hitting bottom, and then trying to pull himself together with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous.

But again, it was done in a believable way and didn't totally seem unsuitable. Looking back at it, little hints were being carefully and nicely placed throughout the book. It was really great to get a more diverse and evolved look at what the gift of &quot;The Shining&quot; is and what it all entails. All in all it was just very interesting and at this point I totally wouldn't be surprised if someone came up to me and told me that they have experienced the same things the people in the book have. Stephen King just has this way of writing that makes everything seem real and believable. I love that we get an insight into the life of the characters spanning several years before the prime storyline begins.

<img src="https://i.pinimg.com/236x/3e/bb/1f/3ebb1f3b33382656086b4dd6c2ee531b.jpg" />

Billy doesn't have the shining as strong as Dan but it's still there. He gets him the job and the man that runs most of the town gets Dan in AA and it's all going good. I feared the idea of King returning to one of his best known works, but it turned out to be a remarkably solid effort with a lot of things I liked about it. I only wish that that I’d have found the rest of the book as compelling as finding out what kind of man the kid from the Overlook Hotel grew up to be.

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