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Ultimate Guide: Best Bass Lures Rated by Seasoned Anglers

Prior to yet again heading out to your local fishing spot, you should considergiving bass fishing a try. But first, you’ll want to have an understanding of how the various bass lures work as well as the lures you should invest in so that your odds of landing the fish are greatly increased.

Bass Lure Buying Guide

Crankbait Lures

For many anglers, crankbait lures make the ultimate bass lures. Crankbait lures can rapidly move over a large body of water. They can be utilized where the water conditions are shallow and when the water surface is covered by vegetation. Typically, this kind of bait comes as a single piece, solid body, together with two or possibly three hooks attached.

Spinner Bait Lure

This, the spinner bait lure, is blade shaped. It can be brought in rapidly while having the capacity to move through the thickest covers. The spinner base permits fish to move around it quickly while the actual lure remains in place and yet it still appears that the lure is moving. Where there are rocks or lots of vegetation, or if it is particularly windy, this lure makes for the perfect choice.

Topwater Lure

The topwater lure has a solid body blended with a small protruding end part which is flexible. It is ideal for shallow water conditions, while it also performs well where the water is covered by vegetation.

The way the lure appears can make a huge amount of difference. Some lures feature a particularly vibrant shine, while other lures have a silver flat tone whereby at one end there is a touch of color which makes for a more realistic look. Regardless of which, the lure, for obvious reasons, must appear relatively realistic, at least to the fish.

The shine of the lure is the most important aspect. When the lure shines vibrantly, there is increased visibility, which means that it’s much easier for fish to locate it. When you fish in shallower waters and there is a lot of light reflecting off the water, this aspect is ever more important

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