The Difference Between Devotees and Demons
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This is an excerpt from Prabhupada's "KRSNA" book, financed by George Harrison, from Chapter 1 describing the pastime of when Krsna's mother Devaki, was being driven home just after her marriage ceremony to her husband Vasudeva. At one point, when her demoniac brother Kamsa was driving her to her husbands home, a prophetic voice from the sky announced, "Kamsa, you are such a fool! You are driving your sister home, but you do not know that her 8th son will kill you!" Kamsa immediately tried to kill his sister, but her husband convinced him to otherwise. This is from the original Dictaphone recording of the author, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. He describes the differences between the devotees like Vasudeva, and the demoniac like Kamsa. It reminded me of the recent atrocious murder of the Hare Krishna devotee Kayla Mueller, by the hands of ISIS in Syria. Kayla didn't hesitate to do what she thought was right for others, and ISIS didn't hesitate to kill her to further their own political agenda. Prabhupada said, "This event is very exemplary. For a great soul like Vasudeva, there is nothing considered to be painful in the course of discharging one's duty. A learned person like Vasudeva carries out his duties without hesitation. On the other hand, a demon like Kamsa never hesitates in committing any abominable action. It is said, therefore, that a saintly person can tolerate all kinds of miserable conditions of life, a learned man can discharge his duties without awaiting favorable circumstances, a heinous person like Kamsa can act in any sinful way, and a devotee can sacrifice everything to satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead."

Licence : CC BY-SA 3.0