Pachai Kiligal cover by Dinil.S
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Title: Pachai Kiligal
Film: Indian
Singer: K J Yesudas
Composer: A.R.Rahman
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

Cover: Dinil S

My maiden upload in Yourlisten. I tried for a better K-track, but was unable to find one. At the start of second charanam the track was skipping for a second making it hard to manage the rhythm. Please excuse the flaws in diction and singing :) Hope you enjoy my try.

Translation of lyrics which I got from net:

Pachchai Kiligal tholodu,
- Green parrots on my shoulders

Paatu kuyilo madiyodu
- Singing cuckoo on my lap

Boologam aanandhaththin ellai
-the world is simply the zenith of joy.

indha, boomikku kanneer sondham illai
-tears simply do not belong to this earth.

Chinnanjiru kootukulla sorgam irukku
-Happines lies within a small nest

ada chinna chinna anbil dhaane jevan innum irukku
-Life still exists only due to those tiny acts of love.

Pattaam poochchi koottathukku pattaa edhukku
-Why do butterflies need pattaas of land?

ada, paasam mattum podhum kannae, kaasu panam ennathukku
-Love is the only thing u need, money and wealth are not necessary.

Stanza 1:

Andha vinnil anandham,
- There's joy in those skies

indha mannil anandham
- There's joy in these sands

Adi bhoomi pandhai otti vandha pullil anandham
- There's joy in the grass that envelopes this earth.

Veyilin suththam anandham,
- There's joy in the cleanliness of sunlight

Mazhayin saththam anandham
- There's joy in the sound of rain

Ada mazhayil kooda syam pohaa vaanavil aanandham
- There's more joy in the rainbow whose colour doesn't fade despite
the rains

Vaazhvil nooranandham,
-Hundreds of pleasures in life

Vaazhvae peraanandham
-Life in itself is full of joy,

Pennae, Narai Èzhuthum Šuyasaritham, athil anbae aanandham
-Darling,My portrait made out of my grey hair-There's joy in the love
in it.

Stanza 2:

Un moochchil naan vazhndhaal,
- If i live in your breath

en mudhumai aanandham
- There's joy even in my old age

nee innoru piraviyil ennai petraal innum aanandham
- If you were to give birth to me in another birth, there would be
more joy in it.

Pani kottum maadhaththil,
- In the months when it snows

un veppam aanandham
- There's joy in your heat

En kaadhu varaikkum kambali porththum karunai aanandham
- There's joy in the concern you show by drawing the blanket over me
upto my ears.

Sondham oraanandham,
- There's a certain joy in our relations

bandham peraanandham
-There's great joy in our bondages,

pennae, un vizhiyal pirarkazhudhaal, kannerum anandham aanandham...
-Lady, if you were to take part in somebody's sorrow, there's joy
even in those tears.

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