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  • Enno Njan ente by Niveditha Dinil After a long gap I'm uploading a song of my daughter Niveditha Dinil. She is 9 years old. This is an audio took from a live stage show. Hope you all enjoy.
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  • Raja raja chozhan
    Raja raja chozhan MOvie: Rettai Vaal Kuruvi Year: 1987 Music: Ilaiyaraaja Singer: K J Yesudas Cover: Dinil.S Friends, I had slightly increased the speed of the K-track. I hope you enjoy this cover.
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  • Thalir Valayo Cheenavala Movie Name: Cheena Vala Singer: Yesudas KJ Lyrics: Vayalar Music: M K Arjunan Year: 1975 Cover: Dinil. S Dear Friends, I'm uploading a song which I had uploaded in Muziboo. This was the first song I recorded for Muziboo. Hope you all enjoy it. Thanks.
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  • Pichakappoon Kaavukalkkum Appuram Movie: No 20 Madras Mail (1990)/ Husbands in Goa (2012) Song: Pichakapoom Kavukal Lyrics: Shibu Chakravarthy Music: Ouseppachan Singer: M G Sreekumar Year: 1990 Cover : Dinil.S Friends, this time I thought of uploading a fast malayalam song. This was a hit song when it was released in 1990. Again this was used in a movie called Husbands in Goa and I'm using that track. The music track is different from what it has been released in 1990. Moreover, this is a genre which I'm trying for the first time. Hope you all enjoy the song.
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  • Idayakanyake povuka nee - Christian Devotional Song Title: Idayakanyake povuka nee Film: ManaVaatti Year: 1964 Musician: G. Devarajan Lyricist: Vayalar Ramavarma Singer: Yesudas Cover: Dinil S Dear Friends, this song is the opening song performed by KJ Yesudas in his Stage performances. This one is a different version from the original in the movie. Hope you all enjoy my humble effort. "Happy New Year to all my Dear Friends" Few lyrics lines translation got from the net is as follows: oh my little shepherd girl, tread along the grand & mighty road of destiny without a hint of hesitation in your steps, : but,search with your eyes and ur inner eyes, and you will find the son of god today or tomorrow. the cross at calvary is somewhere in the horizon, and the son of god will resurrect within you, to wipe away your tears. oh my little shepherd girl, tread along the grand & mighty road of destiny without a hint of hesitation in your steps
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  • Pachai Kiligal cover by Dinil.S Title: Pachai Kiligal Film: Indian Singer: K J Yesudas Composer: A.R.Rahman Lyrics: Vairamuthu Cover: Dinil S My maiden upload in Yourlisten. I tried for a better K-track, but was unable to find one. At the start of second charanam the track was skipping for a second making it hard to manage the rhythm. Please excuse the flaws in diction and singing :) Hope you enjoy my try. Translation of lyrics which I got from net: Pachchai Kiligal tholodu, - Green parrots on my shoulders Paatu kuyilo madiyodu - Singing cuckoo on my lap Boologam aanandhaththin ellai -the world is simply the zenith of joy. indha, boomikku kanneer sondham illai -tears simply do not belong to this earth. Chinnanjiru kootukulla sorgam irukku -Happines lies within a small nest ada chinna chinna anbil dhaane jevan innum irukku -Life still exists only due to those tiny acts of love. Pattaam poochchi koottathukku pattaa edhukku -Why do butterflies need pattaas of land? ada, paasam mattum podhum kannae, kaasu panam ennathukku -Love is the only thing u need, money and wealth are not necessary. Stanza 1: Andha vinnil anandham, - There's joy in those skies indha mannil anandham - There's joy in these sands Adi bhoomi pandhai otti vandha pullil anandham - There's joy in the grass that envelopes this earth. Veyilin suththam anandham, - There's joy in the cleanliness of sunlight Mazhayin saththam anandham - There's joy in the sound of rain Ada mazhayil kooda syam pohaa vaanavil aanandham - There's more joy in the rainbow whose colour doesn't fade despite the rains Vaazhvil nooranandham, -Hundreds of pleasures in life Vaazhvae peraanandham -Life in itself is full of joy, Pennae, Narai Èzhuthum Šuyasaritham, athil anbae aanandham aanandham... -Darling,My portrait made out of my grey hair-There's joy in the love in it. Stanza 2: Un moochchil naan vazhndhaal, - If i live in your breath en mudhumai aanandham - There's joy even in my old age nee innoru piraviyil ennai petraal innum aanandham - If you were to give birth to me in another birth, there would be more joy in it. Pani kottum maadhaththil, - In the months when it snows un veppam aanandham - There's joy in your heat En kaadhu varaikkum kambali porththum karunai aanandham - There's joy in the concern you show by drawing the blanket over me upto my ears. Sondham oraanandham, - There's a certain joy in our relations bandham peraanandham -There's great joy in our bondages, pennae, un vizhiyal pirarkazhudhaal, kannerum anandham aanandham... -Lady, if you were to take part in somebody's sorrow, there's joy even in those tears.
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