Using WiFi to give xray vision to robots
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Imagine using Wi-Fi signals to see through concrete walls? Electrical and computer engineer Yasamin Mostofi of the University of California, Santa Barbara is doing just that.

"We wanted to see if we can give this X-ray vision to our unmanned vehicles with only Wi-Fi. So they move around, they gather their measurements and then based on those measurements and the mathematical foundations we’ve developed, then they’re going to process it, to extract that image and build that image."

This type of sensing could be used in smart homes for heating and cooling, or for home security. Mostofi is also interested in using this for search-and-rescue.

"Imagine the Japan tsunami in 2011. In such a scenario there was a nuclear spill and it’s too dangerous for humans to go in. It would be great if we can have unmanned vehicles that from outside can assess the situation inside and figure out what’s going on behind the walls and then help guide humans to safe areas."

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