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  • Schkinny Maninny Feeling just as though in a slight depression, but with no reason. Consder the possibility of too many toxins absorbed through food, water and air. The need to detoxify is frequently the answer to this and other problems. Detoxifying is the process of elimating toxins or chemicals. Schkinny Maninny juices provide this cleansing ability through the use of juices made of real vitamins, not those chemically produced. Schkinny Maninny offers many flavors for the palate. Why juices? The flavors of the juice make the drinks more palatable and the detoxing experience more pleasurable. Many of the vitamins come from healthy vegitables and a single juice drink can provide several servings of salad. Salad lovers may object, but time is often a factor in this crazy, busy world so drinking vegitables is a nice, quick alternative. Schkinny Maninny is not just a product, but a system that will deliver its products with careful instructions. It is similar to having a personal nutritionist, a mentor, to aid the user in the quest for better health and more vigor to face a busy, productive life. Schkinny Maninny 4 Roslyn St, Potts Point, Sydney, NSW 2011 1300 021 601
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