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On yesterday because I made this recording, the hackers would not permit to apply grant that I had been waiting to apply for, for months (they hacked the site and I could not appy. I really wanted to. But they would not allow it to load in time). Each time I do any activism or related activities they do what is consider "punishment". They take something from me, make me lose or break something, kill my cell signal, dont allow me to study . They may even do more dangerous things (or least they did in the past). Their crime is carried out wirelessly. They never turn it off their wireless systems just go on silent when I am around others and they are always sexually assaulting me. They try and keep rotating people, to keep me engaged and teach me to respond on cue to a specific person. They wont allow me to find employment at a credible agency because they are raping and torturing me and someone might report it. They wont allow me to study so i have to read in real time and then stand up because they penetrate me in my rectum wirelessly using free space technology. The criminals dedicate day and night to trying to get me to do angry rants so they can have audio (they operate like 4 chan expect they are using free space lasers and raping me and other women and even children). Listen as I describe the crime. I am not that good of a writer but you can check out the entry for the grant they made me miss out on here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzd9kNCQZ6AGS3pTQUd4emxLY2s/edit?usp=sharing

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