Tumko Yaad Aaya - Tomay Porechhe Mone - Sangeet Kishore
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10 July, 2018

This is a long awaiting bangla to hindi translated song that was waiting for the monsoon to come in this eastern part of India. This an all time fav bangla song of any bengali song lover. I translated it many months ago but recorded it only today. Though I upload every week, but the project is only a two hours project, so every time I feel that there is lot of scope to improve. For example, if you listen the Kkji original, you can feel the rainy day laid of ambiance in his singing, which I could not induce properly. Another recording and a different mood will be required for that.

Lyrics was written by Mukul Dutt and tuned by Hemant Kumar. Original was recorded in Kolkata in Hemant Kumars studio, so the mixing was different where the natural voice of KKji was captured and less echo was used. Kkji took it otherwise and moved himself into a shell and did not want to comment on the recording, but time shows that the mixing was not wrong and Hemant Kumar was right to capture the ambiance in mixing. Bangla lyrics translation given below.

Song: Tumko yaad Aaya (Bangla - Tomay poreche mone)
Lyrics: Mukul Dutt
Music: Hemant Kumar
Original: Kishore Kumar (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R62nVSxFzO0)

Hindi lyrics:

tumko yaad aaya
savan barish laya
ghar mein rahekar akela

vigi vigi badal ki haoya
kiun le kar aate bedna lahera
dhundhula man ki kinara mein
nirasa mein dub gaya yehi nirala

tan sarasee mein khila kitna kamal
man madhukar hua diwana pagal

milan pipasee man jaage
raat ki pyala bhare anuraag mein
kuhasa ghira barkha mein
nirasa mein dub gaya yehi nirala

Bangla lyrics:

Tomay poreche mone [you came in my thought]
Aabar Sraban dine [again in the days of monsoon]
Ekla bose niralay [while sitting alone in seclusion]

Vije jaoya barasar haoya
------[The wet wind of rain]
Keno niye elo bedonar kheya meghla moner kinaray
---[why it has brought a boat of pain in the bank of my mind?]
Nirasay dube jaoya ei niralay
---[Oh, I sink into oblivion in this isolation]

Tanu sarasi te kato phuteche kamal
----[So many roses blossomed in your body-pond]
Man madhukar tai hoeche pagal
----[my mind-bee has become crazy so]

Milan piyasi man jage
----[my union-thirsty mind remains awake]
Rater peyala bhore anuraage kuheli ghera e barasay
--[filling up the nights cup with love in this mist filled rain]
Nirasay dube jaoya ei niralay
---[Oh, I sink into oblivion in this isolation]

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