Se Jeno Amar Pashe Aajo Boshe Achhe - Sangeet Kishore
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20 Mar, 2018

Another bengali song today, particularly for Shyamsundar ji, who loves Kkji bengali songs so much. A myth or rumour circles nowadays among KKji song performers in the pro world that Kkji was so shocked at the death of Rafi ji that he requested Mukul Dutta to write this song. No, this song was created long before the death of Rafi ji as a basic bangla puja time disk of Kkji, but yes, Kkji used to sing this song in programmes when remembering Rafi ji. Original Kkji songs mixing is so different, I also wanted to mix like that, but still I have to learn a lot to mix like the original. please listen the original, you would be mesmerized. The bgm of original is so soft. my songs bgm seems a bit burnt or hot. Naqvi Saab, if you know how to make a bgm music soft, please let me know.

Song: Se jeno amar pase aaj o bose achhe
Lyrics: Mukul Dutta
Tune: Hemant Kumar
Original Kkji version:

Se jeno amar pase aaj o bose achhe
[As if he is still sitting by my side]

chole geche din tabu alo roye geche
[day is gone, still some light is left behind]

bhenge jaaoya pakhir bansaar moto mon
[My mind is like a broken nest of a bird]

Kichu nei taar buke aar toh ekhan
[Nothig is there inside its breast]

dana mele phire keno aasa taar kaache
[Still what for flying back to it spreading your wings?]
Se jeno amaar pase aaj o bose achhe

jekhane pradeep chhilo sekhaane aandhaar
[where there was a lamp, now it is darkness]

Nayaner jal hoye phire elo se abar
[he came back in the form of tears of eye]

kono tara nei aaj aakaser gaye
[No star is there today on the body of sky]

aleyar alo ese alo diye jay
[only light from will-o'-the-wisp have lightened some]

jonaki ra kalo raat bhore diye geche
[fireflies have filled up the black night]
Se jeno amaar pase aaj o bose achhe

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