Amar Hyar Majhe Lukiye Chile - Rabindra Sangeet by Mitas
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Mitas Bhattacharye is a young chap in his twenties and is trying seriously to make a career in music. He recorded this Rabindra Sangeet song in my home studio and got selected by a film director for singing four songs in the film. It is a Rabindra sangeet where Tagore expressed his idea of feeling the presence of Almighty in his self. Please follow the lyrics translation to enjoy the song.

Song: Amar hiyar majhe lukiye chile (YOU were hiding in my self)
Lyrics & Tune: Rabindra Nath Tagore

Lyrics translation:

Amar hiyar majhe lukiye chile
[YOU were hiding inside my self]

Dekhte ami paini tomay, dekhte ami paini
[I could not see YOU there, could not find you]

Bahir pane chokh melechi, bahir pane
[I spread my sight outside, only outer world]

Amar hriday pane chaini
[I forgot to see inside my heart]

Amar sakol bhalobasay, sakol aaghaat sakol ashay
[In all my love, all pain and hopes]

Tumi chile amar kachhe, tumi i chile
[YOU were always with me, YOU were there]

Ami tomar kachhe jaini
[But I never went to near YOU]

Tumi mor ananda hoye chile amar khelay
[YOU were in my play as a disguise of pleasure]

Anande tai bhulechilem keteche din helay
[I forgot myself in those pleasure,
and did not notice my days passed by without purpose]

Gopon rahi gabheer prane
[Hiding YOURSELF in the depth of my self]

Amar dookha sukher gaane sur diyecho tumi
[YOU have composed tune for my songs of sorrow and happiness]

Ami tomar gaan toh gaini
[But I never sang a song describing YOU]

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