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I am an amateur singer of mostly Kishore Kumar songs.

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  • Hum Ne Yeh Mana Ke Hum Ne Sikha Gana Na - Sangeet Kishore
    Hum Ne Yeh Mana Ke Hum Ne Sikha Gana Na - Sangeet Kishore 17 July, 2018 Pyare Bandhuon, I started 5 years ago in muziboo with this song and today again recorded this song when it is time to take some rest. I have no hesitation to say that Hum ne yeh Mana Ke Hum ne Sikha Gana Na. But I remained KKji fan and Will be. Bole Besur ho tum hum ne na Bole Betal ho tum hum ne mana Bole bekar ho tum hum ne mana Bole bimaar ho tum hum ne mana Sur taal ke hai khilari Hum hai Kishore pujari hum ne mana AaAaAa~~~~~ I have taken a new goal to achieve related to our Singers Forum and when I shall come back, I shall make an appeal which I hope you would keep. Until then.... Song: Hum ne yeh Mana Ke Hum ne Sikha Gana Na Film: Ramu toh Dewaana hai (unreleased) Original: Kishore Kumar
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  • Tumko Yaad Aaya - Tomay Porechhe Mone - Sangeet Kishore
    Tumko Yaad Aaya - Tomay Porechhe Mone - Sangeet Kishore 10 July, 2018 This is a long awaiting bangla to hindi translated song that was waiting for the monsoon to come in this eastern part of India. This an all time fav bangla song of any bengali song lover. I translated it many months ago but recorded it only today. Though I upload every week, but the project is only a two hours project, so every time I feel that there is lot of scope to improve. For example, if you listen the Kkji original, you can feel the rainy day laid of ambiance in his singing, which I could not induce properly. Another recording and a different mood will be required for that. Lyrics was written by Mukul Dutt and tuned by Hemant Kumar. Original was recorded in Kolkata in Hemant Kumars studio, so the mixing was different where the natural voice of KKji was captured and less echo was used. Kkji took it otherwise and moved himself into a shell and did not want to comment on the recording, but time shows that the mixing was not wrong and Hemant Kumar was right to capture the ambiance in mixing. Bangla lyrics translation given below. Song: Tumko yaad Aaya (Bangla - Tomay poreche mone) Lyrics: Mukul Dutt Music: Hemant Kumar Original: Kishore Kumar (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R62nVSxFzO0) Hindi lyrics: tumko yaad aaya savan barish laya ghar mein rahekar akela vigi vigi badal ki haoya kiun le kar aate bedna lahera dhundhula man ki kinara mein nirasa mein dub gaya yehi nirala tan sarasee mein khila kitna kamal man madhukar hua diwana pagal milan pipasee man jaage raat ki pyala bhare anuraag mein kuhasa ghira barkha mein nirasa mein dub gaya yehi nirala Bangla lyrics: Tomay poreche mone [you came in my thought] Aabar Sraban dine [again in the days of monsoon] Ekla bose niralay [while sitting alone in seclusion] Vije jaoya barasar haoya ------[The wet wind of rain] Keno niye elo bedonar kheya meghla moner kinaray ---[why it has brought a boat of pain in the bank of my mind?] Nirasay dube jaoya ei niralay ---[Oh, I sink into oblivion in this isolation] Tanu sarasi te kato phuteche kamal ----[So many roses blossomed in your body-pond] Man madhukar tai hoeche pagal ----[my mind-bee has become crazy so] Milan piyasi man jage ----[my union-thirsty mind remains awake] Rater peyala bhore anuraage kuheli ghera e barasay --[filling up the nights cup with love in this mist filled rain] Nirasay dube jaoya ei niralay ---[Oh, I sink into oblivion in this isolation]
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  • Mana Janab Ne Pukara Nahi - Sangeet Kishore
    Mana Janab Ne Pukara Nahi - Sangeet Kishore 3 July, 2018 Today, I have done such a mixing as if I am singing in a concert with KKji. Initial Kkji part taken from a live concert: Wah! The bed is so good, I almost fell asleep. After two consecutive weeks,this week again I am singing a Kkji song lipped by Dev Anand saab and tuned by SD Burman. I like this voice of Kkji that was so much used by SD Burman in 50s and 60s. And the accompanied music was also so good that musician if got a chance to play loved to play uniterrupted. I have added an instance of that in the beginning. One idea is prevalent that KKji had such a natural talent as a singer that he used to make fun in rehearsal time and made magic in recording. But Dev Anand saab said in an YT interview that KKji used to practice hours after hours inside the green room whenever he got a break from his acting job and was very sincere to make his singing flawless. There is no alternative to hard work and it was true in case of KKji also. As I added a live singing by Kkji as initiation, I made my mixing like in a concert. Hope you would like it. Song: Mana Janab Ne Pukaara Nahin Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri Music: S D Burman Film: Paying Guest(1957) Original: Kishore Kumar
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  • Pal Bhar Ke Liye Koi Hamein Pyar Kar Le - Sangeet Kishore
    Pal Bhar Ke Liye Koi Hamein Pyar Kar Le - Sangeet Kishore 26 June, 2018 The appreciation of my last week-s uploaded song Khwaab Ho Tum Ya of KKji in the lip of Dev Anand, encouraged me this time to try another super hit song of this duo. Though this could easily be a SD Burman song, but it was tuned by Kalyanji-Anandji. In 1970, when bengali films generally had only a single lyricist, hindi film already started the culture of employing more than one lyricists. This film had four lyricists, Anand Bakshi, Indeevar, Anjan and Ravinder Krishnan. This time I got some time to mix using cubase, so the sharp peaks are absent. Hope it will sound similar in any audio device you use to listen. गाना / Song: पल भर के लिये कोई हमें प्यार कर ले, झूठा ही सही - pal bhar ke liye koii hamein pyaar kar le चित्रपट / Film: Johnny Mera Naam संगीतकार / Music Director: कल्याणजी - आनंदजी-(Kalyanji-Anandji) गीतकार / Lyricist: इन्दीवर-(Indeevar) गायक Original:(Kishore Kumar
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  • Khwaab Ho Tum Ya Koi Haqeeqat - Sangeet Kishore
    Khwaab Ho Tum Ya Koi Haqeeqat - Sangeet Kishore 19 June, 2018 SD Burman loved KKji like his own son and KKji also loved him and his tunes so much. That chemistry reflected in all the songs till the last song Badi Suni Suni Hai. In the interview with Lata ji, Kkji mentioned about SD Burman song Dukhi Man Mere as one of his favorite. What I noted that SD allowed Kkji to sing in his own natural voice and that voice always fascinates me. In this song also Kkji sang with his natural voice. In the original song hero asked the audience to sing with him after the Antara, but my audience started singing in the Mukhra itself. Sorry for that. Song : Khwaab Ho Tum Ya Koi Haqeeqat Lyricist : Majrooh Sultanpuri, Music : Sachin Dev Burman, Film : Teen Devian (1965) Original : Kishore Kumar
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  • Kaise Kahein Hum Pyar Ne Hum Ko - Sangeet Kishore
    Kaise Kahein Hum Pyar Ne Hum Ko - Sangeet Kishore 12 June, 2018 After a singing a few romantic songs, now this week I have tried a song of despair. And KKji was a specialist of this type of songs. The KKji - Rajesh Khanna combination was also a magic for this type of temperamental songs and when it is tuned by SD Burman, nothing can be better. Kkji tried to copy SD nuances and I have tried Kkji nuances, so mine is a bit further from SD. Hope you would enjoy. Song: Kaise Kahein Hum Lyricist : Neeraj, Music Director : Sachin Dev Burman, Movie : Sharmilee (1971) Original : Kishore Kumar,
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  • Chala Jata hoon Kisi Ki Dhun Mein - Sangeet Kishore
    Chala Jata hoon Kisi Ki Dhun Mein - Sangeet Kishore 5 Jun, 2018 Another very well known, well listened , superhit song of Kkji this week. And again it contains the unparallaled Kkji yodelling that I am so weak at reproducing but I have tried with my limited ability and full spirit. Hope you will enjoy. Song: Chala Jata Hoon Kisi Ki Dhun Mein Lyricist : Majrooh Sultanpuri, Music Director : Rahul Dev Burman, Movie : Mere Jeevan Saathi (1972) Original: Kishore Kumar
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  • Raat Kali Ek Khawab Mein Aayi - Sangeet Kishore
    Raat Kali Ek Khawab Mein Aayi - Sangeet Kishore May 29, 2018 A very popular, well known and favorite of many is this song. That is why it is so challenging to sing it. Still I have tried, hoping that friends would find some points to enjoy. WE HAVE NEW FRIEND HERE, MY ELDER SISTER Sushmita. Please listen and comment on her upload, hopefully she will also socialize and I have requested her to reciprocate, [ https://yourlisten.com/Susmita.Nundy/sushmita-mahlo-ka-raja-milamastered ] Song: Raat Kali Ek Khwab Mein Aayi Lyrics; Majhroo Sultanpuri Music: RD Burman Original: Kishore Kumar
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  • Ek Pal Ka Chhup Chhup Nazar - Sangeet Kishore
    Ek Pal Ka Chhup Chhup Nazar - Sangeet Kishore 22nd May, 2018 Uploading a beautiful bangla song of Kishore Kumar tuned by Hemant Kumar, which he sang in his own produced and acted bangla film Lukochuri. I have translated in hindi and sung both versions. KKji and Mala Sinha worked in the same office. Mala Sinha used to notice Kkji in hidden stare. She was interested in his boyishness but pretended to avoid him. All these things were expressed in the lyrics. Song: Ek paloker ektu dekha Film: Lukochuri Lyrics: Gouri Prasanna Majumdar Music: Hemant Kumar Original: Kishore Kumar [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zf3Ibe1hz6k] Hindi Lyrics: ek pal ka chhup chhup nazar aur thoda jyada hone se budai keya agar bite pahar paas baithke dil ki do ek baatein kartein toh budai kya ahaa haAA a haa haAAa aha haaAaaaAAA chota mazak aur mitha muskaan achcha lage dil ki dhadrkan mere dil ki dhadrkan hriday mein kuch swapna bhare aachche bude din gujre toh budai kya unHu uhu unhu HuU uhu huHUU ho hi gaya jab rah pe tumse parichay ab ard jitna jaldi haat jai utna-hi achcha hai bhag jane ka chhal karti aur ishara thik tum samajh leti thik samajh leti kuch paane ka chanchalata agar mere dil ko machle toh budai kya Bangla lyrics: ek poloker ektu dekha ----[A small glimpse for a moment] aro ektu beshi hole kshoti ki ----[What harms if it is a bit more] jodi kaatei prohor pashe boshe ----[If time passes sitting by your side] moner duto kotha bole khoti ki ----[Speaking heart out, what is the harm?] ahaa haAAa ahaa haAAa aha haaAaaaAAA mishti hashir dushtumite ----[In the naughtiness of sweet smile] bhaloi laage shara dite, ogo shara dite ----[It feels good to respond] shopne hridoy bhoriye niye ----[[Filling the heartt with dream] din guli shob jaakna chole khoti ki ----[let the days pass by, what harm in it?] unHu uhu unhu HuU uhu huHUU holo i jakhan pathe jete hathat parichay ----[When we have met by chance in the path] Ebar adaal tuku sore gele hai go bhalo hai ----[Now it is better if the wall is removed] Eriye jawar cholonaate ----[In the disguise of avoiding] dae she dhora ishaaraate shudhu ishaaraate ----[she submit herself in hints] kichu pawar choncholotaaye ----[In the restlessness of getting something] jodi amar hridoy dole toh khoti ki ----[if my heart swings, what is the harm?]
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  • Matwaale Hum Matwale tum - Sangeet Kishore
    Matwaale Hum Matwale tum - Sangeet Kishore 15 May, 2018 Consecutive weeks, I am doing double uploads to compensate the missed weeks but sadly not getting many listeners. This time a song to come in terms with Anandjis passing away and to immerse again in passing by life. This song has a bangla counter part sung by KKji, that I have recorded but not yet mixed. In this upload, I am learning with reverb and delay of cubase, so it is quite different than my earlier audacity mixing. I have also stopped giving the surround sound effect, so the voice is in central now. Please mention the things you have disliked in this mixing. I shall do mixing of the bangla song after getting your feedback of this mixing. Last Sunday, I uploaded a Mothers Day song, if you have not received the notification, here is the link, https://yourlisten.com/sangeetkishore/meri-ma-tum-mujhe-prithbi-ki-ye-roshni-dikhai-thi-mothers Song: Matwale Hum Matwale Tum Lyrics: Majhroo Sultanpuri Tune: Kishore Kumar Film:Jhumroo 1961
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