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I am an amateur singer of mostly Kishore Kumar songs.

Sangeetkishore`s Uploads

  • Ye Monihar Mujhe Na Suhaye - Rabindra Sangeet
    Ye Monihar Mujhe Na Suhaye - Rabindra Sangeet 13 Aug, 2019 This song was written by Rabindra Nath after he got the Nobel Prize. His feeling was this prize (jewel necklace) does not suit him. He was shy of wearing it and was anxious that it will distract him from his creative works. Bengali song: E Manihar Amay nahi saje Hemant Kumar Rendition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDbuSOI1Vnc
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  • Phoolon Ke Rang Se - by Rupayan Mitra
    Phoolon Ke Rang Se - by Rupayan Mitra 13 Aug, 2019 This is not my childhood recording. This is by the 6 years old son of Ruplal Mitra. They came to my home studio last Sunday and together recorded three songs. I am sharing Rupayan Mitra's rendition. What a sense of taal he has. Hope you will enjoy. Lyricist : Neeraj, Original Singer : Kishore Kumar, Music Director : Sachin Dev Burman, Movie : Prem Pujari (1970) Cover: Rupayan Mitra.
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  • Chand Jane Kahan  Kho Gaya - Susmita Nundy
    Chand Jane Kahan Kho Gaya - Susmita Nundy 6th Aug, 2019 My elder sister Susmita Nundy recorded it in Toronto, and sent me for mixing. Hope you will enjoy. Lyricist : Rajendra Krishna, Original Singer : Lata Mangeshkar - Mohammad Rafi, Music Director : Chitragupt, Movie : Mein Chup Rahungi (1962)
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  • Ami Chini go Chini tomare - Rabindra geet - Koushik Devnath
    Ami Chini go Chini tomare - Rabindra geet - Koushik Devnath 6th Aug, 2019 Koushik Devnath, a long time friend of mine had a background of learning indian classical music for a decade from Pandit Samaresh Chowdhury (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMotOVXbHJo). Koushik Devnath also had his album from HMV in 2001.He was the lyricist and composure of all his songs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adKSVfotVC4). But now he is a software professional. Tagore had written the song Ami Chini Go Chini Tomare, Ogo Bideshini (I know you well, O exotic woman, I know you well) in 1895. He had given Victoria Ocampo a translation of the song within days after they had first met. Tagore had a platonic love with Victoria Ocampo. Tagore called Victoria by the Bengali equivalent of her name, Bijaya. He dedicated his collection Purabi, which was published in 1925, to "The Lotus Palms of Bijaya". Kishore Kumar immortalised this song by his rendition in Satyajit Ray film Charulata. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7fjbh_JyOs). He did a re-recording when he did his first Rabindra Sangeet album. Lyrics translation: Ami chini go chini tomare, ogo bideshini [I know you well, O exotic foreigner woman, I know you well] Tumi thako Sindhu pare, ogo bideshini [you live in the bank of Indus river] Tomay dekhechi sarado prate [I saw you in the Sarat season morning] Tomay dekhechi nishitha rate [I saw you in deep of night] Tomay dekhechi hridi majhare, ogo bideshini [I saw you in my heart, oh my foreigner lady] Ami akase paatia kaan, sunechi sunechi tomar i gaan [I heard your song setting my ears toward the sky] Ami tomare sopechi pran ogo bideshini [I offered my life to you my foreigner lady] Bhuvan bharimia seshe ami esechi natun dese [After travelling the World, I reached this new country] Ami athithi toar i dware ogo bideshini [I am a guest at your door, oh my foreigner lady]
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  • Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana - Sangeet Ki Shor -B'day tribute
    Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana - Sangeet Ki Shor -B'day tribute 4th Aug, 2019 My tribute to KKi on 91st birthday anniversary, After I sang Mere swapno ki Rani kab aayegi tu, Naqvi Saab and Praveen ji said, the time has come to cover Zindagi Ek Safar. But I know that time will never come, So uploading the best I could. Could not make this one as shor as it should be, hope you will appreciate. Lyricist : Hasrat Jaipuri, Original Singer : Kishore Kumar, Music Director : Shankar Jaikishan, Movie : Andaaz (1971)
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  • PHIR WOHI RAAT HAI by Rooplal Mitra
    PHIR WOHI RAAT HAI by Rooplal Mitra July 30, 2019 Rooplal Mitra generally records a couple of songs on a recording day, one of Kumar Sanu and the other of Kishore Kumar. Couple of weeks ago I uploaded Rooplal's song which was so close to Sanu ji rendition and all of you appreciated so much. This week I am uploading the other song he recorded of KKji. Hopefully this time he sounds like KKji. Please listen and enjoy. Song: PHIR WOHI RAAT HAI Lyricist : Gulzar, Singer : Kishore Kumar, Music Director : Rahul Dev Burman, Movie : Ghar (1978)
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  • Chhu Lene Do Nazuk Hoton Ko by KB Anjan
    Chhu Lene Do Nazuk Hoton Ko by KB Anjan For the first time one renowned professional singer KB Anjan visited my home studio last week and recorded one Rafi ji song of 60's. Wazif bhai also recorded and uploaded this song here many years ago. When I handed over the mix to Anjan bhai, he was not very happy with his performance but still allowed me to upload here to know your feedback. Hopefully he will come back and record many more songs. Please enjoy and encourage him. Song: Chhu lene do nazuk hoton ko. Lyricist : Sahir Ludhianvi, Singer : Mohammad Rafi, Music Director : Ravi, Movie : Kaajal (1965)
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  • Zindagi Ki Talash Mein Hum by Rooplal Mitra
    Zindagi Ki Talash Mein Hum by Rooplal Mitra 16 July, 2019 This is a very famous song by Kumar Sanu with nicely composed music by Nadeem and Shravan. Zindagi Ki Talash Mein Hum Lyrics are beautifully penned by Sameer. Covered by Rooplal Mitra, recorded and mixed in my home studio last Sunday.
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  • Wahan Kaun Hai Tera of S D Burman by Sangeet Kishore
    Wahan Kaun Hai Tera of S D Burman by Sangeet Kishore 10 June, 2019 My home page in yourlisten has a top photo which contains images of Maestros including S D Burman saab. So I thought I should try one song which he had sung and selected this title song of film Guide. A philosophical song with a special tune that fits on in his voice. He had done the trails of "Kaun hai tera", all different types at three places. But I could not remember / practice all these intricacies in a short time. So I have tried to make all of them similar consciously. Hope you will understand my limitations and enjoy. Song: Wahan Kaun hai tera Lyrics: Sailendra Music and Orig artist: S D Burman
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  • Bahut Jama Hua Bedna - Hingla song - Sangeet Kishore
    Bahut Jama Hua Bedna - Hingla song - Sangeet Kishore 4 June, 2019 Another hit song of the trio, Pulak Bandhopadhyaya, Ajoy Das and Kishore Kumar, in hindi bangla form. I have not recorded my song for a long time, so now when I have started it again, I have got back the mood of uploading also. So two uploads on consecutive days, both are new songs for you and both are my passioned Hingla song. Hope you will enjoy and also listen the original, reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to8saaMxpcs Song: Bahut jama hua bedna [Anek jamano byatha bedona] Orig artist: Kishore Kumar Lyrics: Pulak Bandhopadhyaya Music: Ajoy Das Lyrics translation: Anek jamano byatha bedona ki kore gaan holo janina [Lots of pent up griefs, dont know how they become a song] Dine dine jake ami sohechi, buke bohechi [Day by day, whom I bear with, I carried in my heart] Sei ki e gaaner prerona? [Is she the inspiration of this song?] Kakhono gaini ami je gaan kothao [The song that I never sang] sei gaan aaj gailam [I am singing today] Alor akase chailam [I stared to the sky] je alo photaye surjomukhi mone elo sei sadhona [The light that bloosoms Sunflower, that Sadhona came in my mind ] Eto ami kachhe achhi Tabu kono din, [I stayed so near to her still] parini toh kachhe aste [I could not come close] Swapner srote bhaste [Could not flow in the stream of dream] Bujheo keno bujhlo na se ki amar suvakamona [Knowing all why did not she understand my well wishes?]
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