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I am an amateur singer of mostly Kishore Kumar songs.

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  • Se Jeno Amar Pashe Aajo Boshe Achhe - Sangeet Kishore
    Se Jeno Amar Pashe Aajo Boshe Achhe - Sangeet Kishore 20 Mar, 2018 Another bengali song today, particularly for Shyamsundar ji, who loves Kkji bengali songs so much. A myth or rumour circles nowadays among KKji song performers in the pro world that Kkji was so shocked at the death of Rafi ji that he requested Mukul Dutta to write this song. No, this song was created long before the death of Rafi ji as a basic bangla puja time disk of Kkji, but yes, Kkji used to sing this song in programmes when remembering Rafi ji. Original Kkji songs mixing is so different, I also wanted to mix like that, but still I have to learn a lot to mix like the original. please listen the original, you would be mesmerized. The bgm of original is so soft. my songs bgm seems a bit burnt or hot. Naqvi Saab, if you know how to make a bgm music soft, please let me know. Song: Se jeno amar pase aaj o bose achhe Lyrics: Mukul Dutta Tune: Hemant Kumar Original Kkji version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elsF7eMrJGc Se jeno amar pase aaj o bose achhe [As if he is still sitting by my side] chole geche din tabu alo roye geche [day is gone, still some light is left behind] bhenge jaaoya pakhir bansaar moto mon [My mind is like a broken nest of a bird] Kichu nei taar buke aar toh ekhan [Nothig is there inside its breast] dana mele phire keno aasa taar kaache [Still what for flying back to it spreading your wings?] Se jeno amaar pase aaj o bose achhe jekhane pradeep chhilo sekhaane aandhaar [where there was a lamp, now it is darkness] Nayaner jal hoye phire elo se abar [he came back in the form of tears of eye] kono tara nei aaj aakaser gaye [No star is there today on the body of sky] aleyar alo ese alo diye jay [only light from will-o'-the-wisp have lightened some] jonaki ra kalo raat bhore diye geche [fireflies have filled up the black night] Se jeno amaar pase aaj o bose achhe
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  • Purano Sei Diner Katha - Bite Huye Din Ki Yadein - Sangeet
    Purano Sei Diner Katha - Bite Huye Din Ki Yadein - Sangeet 20 Mar, 2018 After a long gap, I am uploading a famous Rabindra Sangeet, sung by many stalwarts of RS singers among which Kishore Kumar is also there. I have requested Naqvi Saab to sing the hindi version and he would sing it for my youtube upload. I sang a sample version for Naqvi Saab and uploading it here. So both bangla and hindi verson are sung by me here. Hope you will understand the lyrics. Song: Purano sei diner katha Lyrics Tune: Rabindra Nath Tagore Original Kishore Kumar version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZeYVcF9Z-g Lyrics translation: Purano sei diner katha, bhulbi kire hay [How can you forget the memory of those old days?] o se chokher dekha moner katha sei ki bhola jay [Oh, those are seen by eyes and words of your heart, and cannot be forgotten] Aye aar ekti baar aaye re sakha praner majhe aaye [Please come once again my friend, come inside my heart] mora sukher dukher katha kabo pran jurabe taye [we shall talk about our pleasures and sorrows, heart will be cooled] Mora bhorer bela phool tulechi dulechi dolay [We had plucked flower in the morning, and swang in a swing] Bajiye banshi gaan geyechi bokuler talay [Playing a flute we sang under a Bokul tree] hay majhe holo chhara chhari gelem ke kothay [Alas, in between we away from each other] abaar dekha jodi holo sakha praaner maajhe aaye [Now when we have met again, then please come inside my heart] Bite huye din ki yadein kitna suhana hai Wo jo aankho se dekha man ki rekha kaise bhula jaye? Aao aur ekbar aao sathi meri pran mein pran samaaye eksaath sukh dukh ki batein kare dil ki bojh uthaay Hum sabera jo phool chune the jhule the jhule bajake baansi geet gaye the bakul ke tale (bakul tree) haye samaye ke saath bichhad ke hum kahan kho gaye phir ab jo milan ho gaya sathi tum jo paas aaye
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  • Eki Bhalobasha Ei Bhalobasha -Kya Yehi Pyar- Sangeet Kishore
    Eki Bhalobasha Ei Bhalobasha -Kya Yehi Pyar- Sangeet Kishore 13 Mar, 2018 Today I am uploading the bangla version of Kya Yehi Pyar Hai, originally sung by Asha ji in 1989. Some nostalgia is associated with this song. From my first income as a research fellow in Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, I bought a flat Philips tape recorder and with that a free Asha ji cassette was given where this song was there. At that time I did not know that it is a bangla version of a hindi song. I planned to sing the hindi version by taking the female voice of Adina ji from Naqvi Saabs upload of the same song, but my voice choked at such a time that I failed to sing properly. I shall complete the hindi project later and upload the duet with Adina ji. Song: Eki bhalobasha Lyrics: Swapan Chakroborty Music: R D Burman Original: Asha ji (1989. basic disk) Eki bhalobasha ei bhalobasha [Is this love?, yes it is love] tomake chhada kichu valo lage na [Do not like anything without you] kichu tei din kate na [No way the day pass] Jedin tumi ele pratham amar i ei jeeban e [The day you came first in my life] Sedin theke ami kato kichhu je ogo vabchi mone [From that day, I am planning so many things in mind] tumi ele prane sara jage aar kichhu te jage na [When you come, enthu arises in my life] kato nisi gelo aankhite rati jagi jagi [So many nights passed by with awaken eyes] amar i parane baje kato banshi tomar lagi [So many flutes rings in my mind just for you] Tomar theke ogo dure thaka aar kichhu te jabe na [Staying away from you, is not possible any more]
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  • Nai Nai E Andhar Theke - hindi Bangla - Sangeet Kishore
    Nai Nai E Andhar Theke - hindi Bangla - Sangeet Kishore 6 Mar, 2018 My second upload today, as in the first upload I did not get much time to sing. Shyamsundar ji has uploaded this song in this week (https://yourlisten.com/syamsundar/naai-naai) and wrote that he could not understand the lyrics. So I thought to make a bangla hindi version of the song. Its a immensely dard-bhara song as you can check from Kkji original reference. It expresses some unavoidable depression out of not understanding the meaning of life as it passes with everyday events. Recorded around 1983, this Kkji voice has different depth in this song. So I also mixed it differently. Song: Nai Nai E Andhaar theke feraar path nai Lyrics and Music: Swapan Chakraborty Original: Kishore Kumar Fil: Mohanar Dike(1984) Original Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W88cFVsxEM4 Nai Nai, E Andhaar theke feraar path nai [No way, no way, there is no way to return back from this darkness] Putul nacher putul hoye nechei sudhu geli [you spent your life dancing as puppet] Mon ke shudha nachaa phale jeevan e ki peli [ask your conscience, what did you get in life by dancing?] Jakhan chirbe suto bujhbi re tui Agun neva chhaai [when the life thread would tear, you will realise it was just ash from extinguished fire] Lover pare paap aase, paaper pare maron [sin comes after greed, death after sin] Bandho mone andho hoye korli kake baran [you accepted whom being blind in a closed mind] Toke je aaj bhalobasbe abaar kaal debe na thaani [One who loves you today, will not give you a shelter tomorrow]
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  • Holi ke Din Dil Khil Jate Hain - duet - Sangeet Kishore
    Holi ke Din Dil Khil Jate Hain - duet - Sangeet Kishore 6th Mar, 2018 I planned to upload this Holi song from film Sholey last week before Holi Utsav but had to upload a Sridevi homage song. So uploading it after the holi celebration. It is a duet and I have only a few lines to sing. So decided to upload another bangla-hindi song today. Please listen both. What a voice my co-singer has in this track and I once thought of leaving this singing thing while singing with her in this track (lol). Song: Holi ke din dil khil jaye Lyrics: Anand Bakshi Music: R D Burman Film: Sholey (1975) Original artists: Lata - Kishore
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  • Kate Nahin Kat Te Ye Din Ye Raat-Homage to Sridevi-Sangeet
    Kate Nahin Kat Te Ye Din Ye Raat-Homage to Sridevi-Sangeet Feb 27, 2018 Uploading this song in memory of actress Sridevi who passed away very untimely just after starting her second innings. She was such a sensation in her time with her natural lively charming acting, dancing and attractive classical days figure. The original video of this song shows it all. The beat based rhythm of the song is so very much like RD Burman music, but this is created by Laxmikant Pyarelal. This song was recorded around 1987, so during the last few songs of KKji. He left with such a powerful voice still left with him. I dont know with whom I sang, but it seems she sang very well . A difficult thing to mix, still hope that you will enjoy. Song: Kate Nahin Kat Te Ye Din Ye Raat Lyrics: Javed Akhtar Music: Laxmikant Pyarelal Original: Kishore Kumar, Alisha Chinai Fim: Mr.India (1987)
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  • Ye Din Kya Aaye - Phagun Ke Daaklaam - Salil Chowdhury
    Ye Din Kya Aaye - Phagun Ke Daaklaam - Salil Chowdhury 20 Feb, 2018 This week, I am so late to start recording, started today evening and finished just before dinner. But still did not find any upload on this damped Tuesday. This Salil Chowdhury song has both bangla and hindi version containing a beautiful verse by Salil Chowdhury in bangla. A very loved song in bangla. Translation of bangla lyrics given. Hope you will follow it as you listen. Enjoy. Song: Ye din kya aaye Lyrics: Yogesh Gaud Music: Salil Chowdhury Film: Choti si Baat(1976) Original Artist: Mukesh Bangla Song: Phagun ke daklaam Lyrics: Salil C Music: Salil C Original Artist: Arundhuti Home-Chodhury Bangla lyrics: Phagun ke daaklam [I called season Phagun] Phagun bollo aschhi Ami basonte basonte [Phagun answered I am coming in spring] sudhu nayan jale bhaschhi [only floating in my tears] Nupur thake charone chhander i ashay [Anklet stays on foot in the hope of rhythm] Mukur pratiimbo heen kaar chhabi bhaasay [Mirror, whose reflectionless image it floats?] Sabdo taar i stabdho tabu setaar khonje kaar bhashay? [Sound is silent, still it looks for Sitar in whose language?] Golaap ke daaklam, Golap bollo sunchhi [I called the rose, rose said, I am listening] Ami sugandho theke muktir din ahoraho gunchi [I am counting days to get rid of fragrance] Aagun jadi nijer i uttape jale [If fire burns by its own heat] Sagar jadi dube nijer atale [If ocean sinks in its own buttom] Antar mor antarange bileen holo kaar chhale [By whose trick my heart so intimately vanished?] Maron ke daaklam, [I called Death] maron bollo jachhi Ami nijer maron jogge [death said I am going to attend my own death-sacrifice] Sesh chita ke sajachhi [Arranging my last rites, chita]
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  • Phool Tumhein Bheja Hai - Lata - Mukesh - Sangeet Kishore
    Phool Tumhein Bheja Hai - Lata - Mukesh - Sangeet Kishore 13 Feb, 2018 Tomorrow is Valentines day, so uploading one romantic song of Lata ji and Mukeshji like last week. This time I copy-pasted the track from a rendition of Bhasin ji and Aruna ji. Last week I have not taken any consent from Sadhna ji to sing a duet using her voice and this time also I have not taken any consent from Aruna ji. I am only taking permission from Naqvi Saab here because the track was mixed by him. Hope friends will not mind a lot and would listen my rendition as usual and comment on my singing. I have recorded another version with original Lata ji voice in it, but bringing in old touch of recording in the vocal part is difficult and I do not know also how to do it. if you like todays version, I shall upload the Lataji voice version as an experimental mixing. Song: Phool tumhe veja hai khat mein Film: Saraswatichandra (1968) Original Singers: Lata Mangeshkar, Mukesh Lyricists: Indeevar (Shyamalal Babu Rai) Music Director: Kalyanji Anandji Cover Singers: Aruna ji and myself Mixing : Muzaffar Naqvi (female part)
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  • Kisi Rah Mein Kisi Mod Par - Lata - Mukesh - Sangeet Kishore
    Kisi Rah Mein Kisi Mod Par - Lata - Mukesh - Sangeet Kishore Feb 6, 2018 This time a beautiful romantic song with a peculiar touch of sadness created by Kalyanji Anand ji. Female voice, I do not know. Also I do not know how to mix when female voice is already present in the track. Need to learn it from Naqvi Saab. Song: Kisi Rah Mein Kisi Mod Par Lyrics: Anand Bakshi Music: Kalyanji Anandji, Original singer: Lata ji, Mukesh ji Film: Mere Hamsafar (1970)
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  • Yeh Jeevan Hai Iss Jeevan Ka - Sangeet Kishore
    Yeh Jeevan Hai Iss Jeevan Ka - Sangeet Kishore 30 Jan, 2018 Recorded this song with a heavy heart and dedicating this song in memory of Praveen jis brother who departed untimely. Song: Ye Jeevan Hai Is Jeevan Ka Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Movie: Piya Ka Ghar (1972) Music Director: Laxmikant Pyarelal Lyricist: Anand Bakshi. For those who missed my last song, here is the link: https://yourlisten.com/sangeetkishore/amar-moner-ei-mayur-mahole-mere-man-ki-ye-mayur-mahal-mein
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