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I am an amateur singer of mostly Kishore Kumar songs.

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  • Kaise Kahein Hum Pyar Ne Hum Ko - Sangeet Kishore
    Kaise Kahein Hum Pyar Ne Hum Ko - Sangeet Kishore 12 June, 2018 After a singing a few romantic songs, now this week I have tried a song of despair. And KKji was a specialist of this type of songs. The KKji - Rajesh Khanna combination was also a magic for this type of temperamental songs and when it is tuned by SD Burman, nothing can be better. Kkji tried to copy SD nuances and I have tried Kkji nuances, so mine is a bit further from SD. Hope you would enjoy. Song: Kaise Kahein Hum Lyricist : Neeraj, Music Director : Sachin Dev Burman, Movie : Sharmilee (1971) Original : Kishore Kumar,
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  • Chala Jata hoon Kisi Ki Dhun Mein - Sangeet Kishore
    Chala Jata hoon Kisi Ki Dhun Mein - Sangeet Kishore 5 Jun, 2018 Another very well known, well listened , superhit song of Kkji this week. And again it contains the unparallaled Kkji yodelling that I am so weak at reproducing but I have tried with my limited ability and full spirit. Hope you will enjoy. Song: Chala Jata Hoon Kisi Ki Dhun Mein Lyricist : Majrooh Sultanpuri, Music Director : Rahul Dev Burman, Movie : Mere Jeevan Saathi (1972) Original: Kishore Kumar
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  • Raat Kali Ek Khawab Mein Aayi - Sangeet Kishore
    Raat Kali Ek Khawab Mein Aayi - Sangeet Kishore May 29, 2018 A very popular, well known and favorite of many is this song. That is why it is so challenging to sing it. Still I have tried, hoping that friends would find some points to enjoy. WE HAVE NEW FRIEND HERE, MY ELDER SISTER Sushmita. Please listen and comment on her upload, hopefully she will also socialize and I have requested her to reciprocate, [ https://yourlisten.com/Susmita.Nundy/sushmita-mahlo-ka-raja-milamastered ] Song: Raat Kali Ek Khwab Mein Aayi Lyrics; Majhroo Sultanpuri Music: RD Burman Original: Kishore Kumar
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  • Ek Pal Ka Chhup Chhup Nazar - Sangeet Kishore
    Ek Pal Ka Chhup Chhup Nazar - Sangeet Kishore 22nd May, 2018 Uploading a beautiful bangla song of Kishore Kumar tuned by Hemant Kumar, which he sang in his own produced and acted bangla film Lukochuri. I have translated in hindi and sung both versions. KKji and Mala Sinha worked in the same office. Mala Sinha used to notice Kkji in hidden stare. She was interested in his boyishness but pretended to avoid him. All these things were expressed in the lyrics. Song: Ek paloker ektu dekha Film: Lukochuri Lyrics: Gouri Prasanna Majumdar Music: Hemant Kumar Original: Kishore Kumar [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zf3Ibe1hz6k] Hindi Lyrics: ek pal ka chhup chhup nazar aur thoda jyada hone se budai keya agar bite pahar paas baithke dil ki do ek baatein kartein toh budai kya ahaa haAA a haa haAAa aha haaAaaaAAA chota mazak aur mitha muskaan achcha lage dil ki dhadrkan mere dil ki dhadrkan hriday mein kuch swapna bhare aachche bude din gujre toh budai kya unHu uhu unhu HuU uhu huHUU ho hi gaya jab rah pe tumse parichay ab ard jitna jaldi haat jai utna-hi achcha hai bhag jane ka chhal karti aur ishara thik tum samajh leti thik samajh leti kuch paane ka chanchalata agar mere dil ko machle toh budai kya Bangla lyrics: ek poloker ektu dekha ----[A small glimpse for a moment] aro ektu beshi hole kshoti ki ----[What harms if it is a bit more] jodi kaatei prohor pashe boshe ----[If time passes sitting by your side] moner duto kotha bole khoti ki ----[Speaking heart out, what is the harm?] ahaa haAAa ahaa haAAa aha haaAaaaAAA mishti hashir dushtumite ----[In the naughtiness of sweet smile] bhaloi laage shara dite, ogo shara dite ----[It feels good to respond] shopne hridoy bhoriye niye ----[[Filling the heartt with dream] din guli shob jaakna chole khoti ki ----[let the days pass by, what harm in it?] unHu uhu unhu HuU uhu huHUU holo i jakhan pathe jete hathat parichay ----[When we have met by chance in the path] Ebar adaal tuku sore gele hai go bhalo hai ----[Now it is better if the wall is removed] Eriye jawar cholonaate ----[In the disguise of avoiding] dae she dhora ishaaraate shudhu ishaaraate ----[she submit herself in hints] kichu pawar choncholotaaye ----[In the restlessness of getting something] jodi amar hridoy dole toh khoti ki ----[if my heart swings, what is the harm?]
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  • Matwaale Hum Matwale tum - Sangeet Kishore
    Matwaale Hum Matwale tum - Sangeet Kishore 15 May, 2018 Consecutive weeks, I am doing double uploads to compensate the missed weeks but sadly not getting many listeners. This time a song to come in terms with Anandjis passing away and to immerse again in passing by life. This song has a bangla counter part sung by KKji, that I have recorded but not yet mixed. In this upload, I am learning with reverb and delay of cubase, so it is quite different than my earlier audacity mixing. I have also stopped giving the surround sound effect, so the voice is in central now. Please mention the things you have disliked in this mixing. I shall do mixing of the bangla song after getting your feedback of this mixing. Last Sunday, I uploaded a Mothers Day song, if you have not received the notification, here is the link, https://yourlisten.com/sangeetkishore/meri-ma-tum-mujhe-prithbi-ki-ye-roshni-dikhai-thi-mothers Song: Matwale Hum Matwale Tum Lyrics: Majhroo Sultanpuri Tune: Kishore Kumar Film:Jhumroo 1961
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  • Meri Ma Tum Mujhe Prithbi ki Roshni Dikhai thi - Mothers
    Meri Ma Tum Mujhe Prithbi ki Roshni Dikhai thi - Mothers 13 May, 2018 Uploading a Mothers day song today. This is another bangla hit song of the trio Kishore Kumar, Ajoy Das and Pulak Banerjee. Song: Tumi Ma Amake Prithibir ei alo dekhiyechile -------- (Meri Maa tum mujhe Prithbi ki roshni dikhai thi) Music: Ajoy Das Lyrics: Pulak Banerjee Film: Amar Kantak 1987 Original: Kishore Kumar Bangla lyrics: Tumi Ma Amake Prithibir ei alo dekhiyechile ----[Mom, you made me see the light of this World] Tomar i aadore amake sital tumi kore chile ----[You cooled me off by your caring] Maago tomar sneha ma ganga hoye ----[Maa, your love has become the stream of river Ganga] Oi amreeta dhara te jaye je boye ----[it flows as the stream of nectar] Mago tomar hasi oi sonali bhore ----[Maa, your smile in the golden dawn] koto swapner sukhe hase akaash nile ----[laughs in the blue of sky with the happiness of so many dreams] Maago himalaya hoye tume siyare thako ----[Maa, you stand at my head as the Himalaya] kato jhader aghat theke banchiye rakho ----[And save me from the blow of storms] ogo mamatamayee tumi duhaat mele ----[Oh Maa affectionate, you spreaded your two hands] Aaye bachha bole kole tee nile ----[and lifted me on your lap]
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  • Mere Jane Ki Waqt Par Pichhe Bulate - Rabindra Sangeet
    Mere Jane Ki Waqt Par Pichhe Bulate - Rabindra Sangeet May 8, 2018 This time a sad Rabindra Sangeet in memory of Anandji. This verse of Rabindra Nath expresses the agony of leaving behind this world at the time of final departure. I have missed a couple of weeks and Naqvi Saab asked me in my last upload to sing as much as I can, so I thought of recording this sad song, as long as this melancholy mood persists after losing Anandji. Song: Amar Jabar Belay Pichhu Dake (This world calls me back at the time of going) Tune - Lyrics: Rabindra Nath Tagore Hemant Kumar version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLQ2qdV7MXk Lyrics & Translation: Mere jane ki wakt par pichhe bulate ----[It calls me back at the time of going] Usha ki aalok megh rangate rangate, pichhe bulate, pichhe bulate ----[The light of dawn while coloring the clouds, calls me back] Baadlaa praata: mein udaas panchhi, kujan karti ----[In a rainy morning, gloomy bird-s chirping] Pedki saakh mein dolon karte, pichhe bulate pichhe bulate ----[as it swings on a tree branch, calls me back] Jawan nadi uchhal karte, baha chalte Kise dhundte, pichhe bulate ----[Young river cheers, goes on flowing, what does it look for, calls me back] Mera dil ki bhitar wo kaun, machalte man ----[Inside my mind, who is that who squeezes my mind?] Bida lena nahi chahte, pichhe bulate pichhe bulate ----[and does not want to take farewell, calls me back] Bangla lyrics: Amar jabar belay, pichhu dake ----[It calls me back at the time of going] Bhorer alo megher phanke phanke, pichhu dake pichhu dake ----[The light of dawn in the gaps of clouds, calls me back] Badal prater udaas pakhi, othe daki ----[In a rainy morning, a gloomed bird suddenly chirps] Boner gopon sakhe sakhe, pichhu dake pichhu dake ----[in a secret branch in the wood, and calls me back] Bhara nadi chaayaar tale, chhute chale ----[A filled up river flows under the shadows of trees] Khonje kaake, pichhu dake ----[whom does it look for? That bewilders me back] Amar praner bhitar se ke, theke theke ----[Who is that inside my mind, from time to time] Biday prater utala ke, pichhu dake pichhu dake ----[calls the restlessness of the farewell morning, bewilders me]
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  • Jab Mai Aur Na Rahunga Yahan - My Homage To Anandji
    Jab Mai Aur Na Rahunga Yahan - My Homage To Anandji 7th May, 2018, A tribute to Anand Sawkar ji The first shock came when Anand ji first declared that he had cancer and recovered fully, but we saw in FB his frail physique. But as he was singing so beautifully with renewed energy and clear voice that it was the second shock when the news of his death came from Naqvi Saab. What a song he finished with in his journey! I had a kind of emotional attachment with him. I told him once, you are like my father. Your style of singing, your look and your approach are all so similar with my father. And he departed also suddenly like my father. I was not very happy with the type of mixing he did, but I had to admit in his final song, Yeh Duniya Yeh Mehfil, that it was a very much required type mixing for that song. We chatted in FB and got a glimpse of a perfect nice gentleman in him. I shall miss him a lot and his songs and comments on our songs. Song: Jakhan Ami Anek Dure (When I am far away) Lyrics: Sibdas Banerjee Music: Kishore Kumar Original: KKji in bangla (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bekoWvT9Xlg) Hindi Lyrics: Jab mai aur na rahunga yahan [When I wont be here anymore] Jaunga apna ghar hai jahan [I shall go to my own heavenly abode] Kya tum tab bhi yaad Karoge (Mujhe) Har roj, pahle ki tarha [Will you still remember me then everyday like before?] Mere dil ki spars pa kar [Getting a touch of my heart] kisi dhun se jo geet bana [when a song was made from a tune] Ekhi sapna tha wo geet ka Tumhara hriday ko chhuna [That song had the only dream to touch your heart] (Maine) Geet ka gulaab khilaya tha Do din ka Mehfil jahan [I blossomed Rose of songs in this temporary concert of living] Tumhara dosti pyar hi tha Mera geet ka puraskar [Your friendship and love were the rewards of my singing] Jane ka samay sab ko janaoon preet bhara Namaskar [At the time of departure I convey my Namaskar to you] (Tumne) Jo diya tha asha se jyada [Whatever you gave me, it was more than expected] ye sab chod kar jaunga kahan [Where shall I go leaving behind all these?]
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  • Manab Janam De Kar Khuda Nahi Bhejna Phir - Sangeet Kishore
    Manab Janam De Kar Khuda Nahi Bhejna Phir - Sangeet Kishore 10 April, 2018 Manab janam de kar khuda nahi bhejna phir se yahan, jitna dukh mila mujhe maapne ki fita hi kahan? God, do not send me here again as a human being, the amount of sorrow I got here, is there a measuring tape to measure it? KKji requested his favourite lyricist Gouri Prasanna Mujumdar to write a song on his own distressful life and himself composed a tune based on bangla folk music that uses Ek-Tara instrument of BAAUL and sung in rural bengal in the morning environment. What a composure Kkji was! Person like Satyajit Ray addressed him as an Unsung Genius. Song: Manush janmo diye bidhi Lyrics: Gouri Prasanna Majumdar Music: Kishore Kumar Original KKji song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rswDltxAIeE Lyrics: Charo Aur paap aandhera, Roshni kahan bata Lagta hai andha hona, behtar hota Manab janam de kar khuda nahi bhejna phir se yahan Jitna dukh mila mujhe maapne ki fita hi kahan Ekdin ki umar le kar phul ho kar janam lunga Bhanora lega madhu mera , haoya ko main khusbu dunga kaam mein laagun mandirob mein, devta ko puja jahan Ek basant ki umar de kar bhejna mujhe panchi banake Sabhi ko mai khus rakhunga madhur swar mein gaana sunake Raat mein kebal sho jaunga ped ka vitar ghosla jahan Charidikei paper andhar [All direction, only darkness of sin] Nei toh kothao alo [Nowhere there is light] Mone hae re andho haoya chilo anek bhalo [It seems, It was better to be blind] Manush janam diye bidhi pathio na prithibi te [God, do not send me to Earth again as a human being] Jato dukkha pelam ami, maapar moto nei toh fite [The amount of sorrow I got, there is no tape that can measure it] Ek diner i jeevan holeo phul hoye je janmo laba [Even if it is one days life, I shall born as a flower] Bhomra khabe madhu aamar, batas ke je gandho debo [Hornet will eat my honey, And I shall give fragrance to wind] Thakur ghare lagbo kaaje, Dayal tomar pujo dite [I shall be used in place of worship, for your Puja God] Ek phaguner aayu holeo pathio aamay pakhi kore [Even if lifespan is one spring, send me as a bird] Gaan suniye sarati din debo sabar pran je bhore [I shall fill everybodys heart by making them listen my song] Raat ta sudhu kaatbe aamar sukher neere ghumiye nite [My nights will pass by sleeping in my nest of love]
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  • Na Chahoon Sona Chandi - Bobby - Manna De - Sangeet Kishore
    Na Chahoon Sona Chandi - Bobby - Manna De - Sangeet Kishore 3 April, 2018 Last week I sang a shorwala long 3 stanza song, so this week I decided to go with a cool short song. Started recording very late today in the evening and finished just now. Mixing some parts of original took some time. Hope you will enjoy. Song: Na Chahoon Sona Chandi Film: Bobby Original Artists: Manna Dey, Shailendra Singh Music : Laxmikant and Pyarelal while Lyrics : Anand Bakshi.
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