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  • What is offshore trust
    What is offshore trust If a trust is to be described in formal language, then a trust is: .....a contract on the basis of which a natural person or legal entity (trustee) becomes proprietor of the assets which he, she or it administers in favour of one or more persons (beneficiaries)....
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  • Offshore foundation practical uses and have passive income
    Offshore foundation practical uses and have passive income A foundation is a legal entity separate from its creators or founders and it can own assets or participate in legal proceedings in its own name. It is a unique form of legal entity, which acts like a trust and operates like a company.
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  • Online gambling casino license
    Online gambling casino license Online gambling licenses ensure that the operations of online casino businesses are legal. It is recommended that an online gambling license be obtained before you present your online gambling business to ensure the user's trust and to maintain a good reputation of your online gambling website.
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  • Bank license
    Bank license In general terms it is possible to divide offshore bank licenses into two basic types of licenses which can have a number of further subtypes. General bank license and Restrictive bank license, and it is a best tool for tax planning and many more things.
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  • offshore-companies
    offshore-companies Avia and Slogold Group S.A. provides offshore company incorporations, onshore companies incorporation, assistance with off-shore bank accounts and related services to clients worldwide.
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  • Quasha Its a Bengali song....
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