Mayor of Donutville Weighty Tree and The Couch King There We Will Hear You Sing
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Inspired by Aldo Leopold and Henry David Thoreau, may you connect with the wonders and beauty in nature wild when you wish to receive it

Graphics on Televisions writes: "It is so cool to hear a collaboration done by people whose music i know so well. It kidna feels like different parts of my brain are getting to meet for the first time. :D :D "

Thanks to Mayor of Donutville for reaching out and getting this project started.
Thanks to Weighty Tree for always being so down to throw down some sounds.
Thanks to both for being so patient with my process.
And thanks to my man Ivan Wizard Ill Shoes Dub for breathing the final breath of life into this song.

I love all of you on SoundCloud.

Mayor of Donutville: trombone, piano, vibrochime, glockenspiel, synth, vocals, lyrics
The Weighty Tree: bass and guitar
Ill Dub Productions: final mastering
The Couch King: production, arrangement, vocals, lyrics

Song art by Mayor of Donutville


In quiet places, the hush of dawn waiting, there we will hear you sing
In the clouds, in the mists, in the dark, shadow lined, we will hear, hidden songs

to the blushing wind
by the river's edge
'cross the rolling hills
through the valley, dim
to the hollowed oaks
by the meadow's edge
in the waking morn


praise be to the falling of the leaves
praise be to he who has faith and believe
in the planting of the seeds and the harvesting of the yield by nature ye receives
from the all hallow's eve through the months that we grieve to the vernal equinox
i sing praise to the bees
i sing praise to the infinite in me
praise be to who wants naught yet seize
the glory of each day from the seas all the way to the mountain breeze

sing praise to the ripening of the fruit
sing praise to the infinite and the absolute
the ever changing and the resolute
the dreams we're in pursuit
the visionaries and astute
the peace makers and those of good repute
live life, find your path, and follow suit

Licence : All Rights Reserved