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Cell Phone Mubla Thephaige And Jaime J R…oss

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Cell Phone

Jaime J Ross

This tune started out as a SYCK Drum/Synth track that Mubla had sent to Gary. Mubla is one of the most fascinating rhythm/synth artists! He comes up with some things that I have never heard before. He's got such a unique quirkiness about him and it definitely shows in his music. His tracks ALWAYS have such a presence even before Gary and I start playing around on/with them…Mubla is the absolute heart of this track…his drums are SO drivin' on this piece…they set the stage for everything that was to come…

Enter Gary…well, what can I say. Gary is just as quirky and unique as Mubla and they vibe off of each other very well!! Gary started this one off by singing and sending me the beginning part with the first verse and the COOLEST catchiest chorus. I was completely hooked…and was smiling the whole time I was listening. His line "Do they got an app for that"..still makes me smile. So, Gary sends me the intro and asks if I would like to sing along and also try to write some lyrics for the next verse..so I did just that. I have to give Gary full credit for finding the vocal melodies…he finds every single vocal melody for us…then, I just have the "hard job" of singing along with him…which i absolutely love to do. I always love what he comes up with and it's great fun for me to find the notes to sing along with him that will sound cool :)

After we had all of the vocals in place, it was GUITAR time…oh yes indeed!!! I absolutely LOVED all of the guitars that Gary added in this piece..the guitars he added underneath the verses are DRIVIN just as hard as Mubla's drums…I love every single thing he added…I feel like he totally kept up with Mubla's frenetic pace and that could not have been easy because Mubla was seriously rockin it out on this one... I know Gary had much fun with this…and that's what it's all about. yep!

oh, did i forget to mention the lyrics..well, this song is all about being too much connected to our cell phones and disconnected from our day to day lives…I have to be honest, I'm quite "tethered" myself…and when I get to "one bar" I am instantly looking to "charge"…lol

As always, this was so much fun to do!! I must thank Mubla for his wonderful inspirational piece and for passing it along to Gary…and I must thank Gary for asking me to come along for the ride too...and also for continuing to push me and introduce me to new ideas/genres…he is FEARLESS, and I so love to dive into these unchartered waters with him!

Thanks, guys…you are both AWESOME!!!


Cell Phone (lyrics by ThePhaige and Jaime J Ross)

Fell off the bed this morning
Sent myself a text
Back in the day…they'd say
I was talking to myself
And they'd be right
And they'd be right
And they'd be right
So very right
My second light
Illuminates my inner night

Walked out the house…forgot it
Left it on the couch
What my gonna do…about it
I confess it's a part of me

Cell phone…What ya gonna do
Bout it…Do they got an app for that
Doubt it…What am I gonna do
Without it…They won't know where I'm at

A single bar that flashes…messes up my day
And when it's gone…completely gone
I'll simply fade away
I need to charge
I need to charge
I need to charge
Where can I charge
I'll need a charge
Just let me charge

"No service" zone…I enter
A nightmare while I wake
I turn around…another
Route I had to take


My fingers flying over…Those ABC's I press
Interacting…much, much less
I need to change
I need to change
I need to change
I'm gonna change
Yep…really change
Priorities rearrange

No longer am I tethered
To that cellular device
I'm living in the moment
And it's really really nice

Licence : All Rights Reserved