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  • Earthmoving Otago If you need earth moving and excavation services in Otago, Riverview Contracting has everything you need to get the job done. We have experienced, qualified and highly skilled operators who can complete any job, safely and effectively. Riverview Contracting also offers earth moving and excavating equipment for hire, please give us a call to talk about your exact needs. We are fully equipped to complete any size project, from large scale industrial works to back yard landscaping. Our team is always professional and courteous, and our prices are just right. Give us a call for a quote on our excavation services today! FOR MORE INFO-: https://www.riverviewcontracting.co.nz/
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  • Digger Hire Otago It is one place that is marked with a lot of landscaping central otago highlights from healthy creeks and clean beaches to oceans, bays and rivers. However, a lot of household activities can lead to water pollution if you are not careful. With so much importance attributed to landscaping, you must ensure preventive measures. For instance, prevent pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals from blowing into the ocean the waterways. Another aspect to consider in landscaping is not to pour gardening products into the ocean. For any kind of problem you can always get in touch with the city's storm water representatives. Prevent materials and stock-piles while you landscape from the rain and storm by storing them under plastic sheets or secured tarpaulin. Effective landscaping central otago edging must be marked with planting of fast growing, and dense plants that cover the ground. This prevents erosion of the slopes and enable shielding and binding of the soil. You must plan native vegetation for reduction of water, herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers in your landscaping program. It is best not to over water the landscapes. * Do not blow or rake the leaves, pruning waste or clippings into the street, storm drain or gutter. Some ideal methods for disposing waste would be to compost, haul the waste to a permitted landfill or into the recycling program as green waste. Using slow release fertilizers for free landscaping central otago ideas help in minimizing the effects of leaching. It is important to use organic fertilizers. Go through the labels and only perform as is directed. Don't try the blanket approach. In your landscape gardening, store the fertilizers and pesticides in dry areas for preventing deterioration of the packaging and containers. Rinse the containers of chemicals and pesticides and re use the rinsed water just as the way you would use the product itself. After that, don't dump the water into storm drains. Dispose of the empty containers in the trash bin. As an urban planning measure, it is best not to use traditional pesticides. Use the non-toxic alternatives that are specifically designed for controlling the targeted pest. In case you spill the pesticide, the rule for landscaping central otago would be to sweep it up before the irrigation water is applied. If you have just built a home or purchased a home that doesn't have an adequate amount of landscaping in place, now's the time to decide which trees and shrubs you will use in your new lawn and landscaping plans. FOR MORE INFO-: https://www.riverviewcontracting.co.nz/
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  • Earthmoving Otago Riverview Contracting are committed to operating to the highest standards of quality and safety, at all times. If you have an industrial, commercial or residential earth moving or excavating project in Otago or Southland, you can rely on our team to take maximum safety precautions and reduce risk at every opportunity. To talk to the professionals, give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help you out. FOR MORE INFO:- https://www.riverviewcontracting.co.nz/
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