Ritu Singal is the best Motivational Speaker and Transformational Life coach in Chandigarh. She has specialized in Family counselling and career counselling.

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  • Start Up Business Tips by Ritu Singal Life Coach Thinking of start up? A vision of starting your own business. Let'take a further step to create a new history of Start Up with the help of this Podcast. or visit www.ritusingal.com for more information
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  • Dealing With Relationship Insecurities Does your partner start taking you for granted or are you insecure too much? This happened in many relationships. One person calls the other person insecure and doesn't even realize, that they may be the once causing insecurity. And there's always a solution. Listen to this podcast and get the relationship problems solutions by Ritu Singal. for more information visit www.ritusingal.com
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  • Resolve Conflict in Relationship Between Couples Most of us came in such a situation that we stop thinking about our partner and just think that "you have Changed" and some of them end their relationship. The role of a conflict resolution coach is very important in Resolving Conflict in Relationship. So listen to this Podcast to now, How? Visit www.ritusingal.com for more information
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  • Stop Blaming Others And Take Responsibility You are man of your action. Stop your habit of blaming others for your problems and take responsibility for your actions. Because you always had a choice that you can waste on blaming others or make responsible decisions. For more listen to the Podcast.
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  • Manage Your Time Better and Get Most Out of Your Day If someone says "I don't have time" then its wrong, you always have time but you don't know how to manage it. With this video by Ritu Singal - Life Coach India you will be able to get time for yourself and your loved once by managing your time better and get the most out of your day. For more information Visit www.ritusingal.com
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  • How To Get Over Workplace Issues? Are you sure after leaving your job you will find another job with the same people like you, No. Everywhere you go, you will find all kinds of people. You must know how to embrace yourself with positivity. To know so, listen to this Podcast How To Get Over Workplace Issues? or You can also visit www.ritusingal.com for more details.
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  • How To Stay Motivated Always by Ritu Singal Whenever you say to yourself that I can't do this, is it true that you can't. A great philosopher said IF YOU THINK YOU CAN NOT DO IT, YOU CAN, YOU WILL DO IT BUT WHEN YOU THINK YOU CAN'T THEN NOTHING CAN MAKE YOU DO. No successful person became successful in one day, it took lots of hard work and time. It's important to stay motivated to succeed in anything. You can visit www.ritusingal.com to get motivated by Motivational Speaker
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  • Tips For Good Parenting by Life Coach Ritu Singal We all Indian should know how to parent our children properly. Because we all been crossed there age and prayed for better relation with Parents. So here comes Podcast by Life Coach Ritu Singal with some Tips For Good Parenting that will work for sure. For more details you can visit www.ritusingal.com
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  • Learn How to Handle Situations by Life Coach Ritu Singal It's in our hands how we react to a different situation, circumstances shouldn't change your reaction and behavior. What will you do if you stuck in traffic while the emergency for hours, you could be angry and increase stress level or you can listen to music or start reading in the care? Watch this video to know How to Handle Situations by Conflict Resolution Coach and Life Coach - Ritu Singal. For more details visit at www.ritusingal.com
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  • How To Deal With Criticism - Ritu Singal Do you ever replyed to dogs who bark at you while driving on road? No, don't get what others are saying about you, "what you have decided", "what do you want to do" that's important. Chose your path don't others let chose for you. Everyone says about everybody it's up to you, whether you want to be positive from this Podcast or not by Life Coach Ritu Singal. Check it out. Or visit www.ritusingal.com
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